Working Mounted Forklift & Truck + GTFO! Ready Version 5.1

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UltraLifter is a revolutionary mounted forklift that works with included advanced Logistar truck (both are included in box). It is breakthrough freight transport operators have been seeking.

UltraLift is mounted and rides at rear of truck in standard mounted forklift position. Use HUD button to rez forklift on ground behind truck as forklift disappears from truck (and just touch another HUD button to place it back on truck when you are finished loading and unloading).

Drive forklift to take crates from truck onto fork and then drive to where you want to place crates. And you can take them back anytime and then turn around and put them back on truck. There are endless scenarios you can create with this revolutionary forklift and truck.

The fork moves up and down from ground position to loading level for of back of flatbed truck. Up and down buttons are on the HUD.

To take crates from truck you must position forklift just as any lift operator by moving fork carefully under the crates. When you are in correct position to load, truck will sense your careful operating and transfer crate to fork automatically. You will see transfer take place and truck will send a chat message confirming transferred crate number (1, 2, or 3).

To place crates back on truck anytime, just repeat these steps moving crates from fork to an empty crate position on truck.

You can place crates anywhere you have rez rights. Just move up to them and give them a little push and they load automatically. There is an unload button on HUD when you are ready to place the crate.

So again, you must be aware of rez rights in areas you wish to deploy UltraLifter and where you want to place crates inworld. Fortunately, many GTFO! freight delivery Hubs provide this capability.

Importantly, both vehicles drive very well with my own original scripting. No other SL vehicles offer my scripting, nor do they offer road handling vehicle geometry I designed for the vehicles.

Indeed, indeed Logistar truck features my "Active Steering and Active Suspension." My carefully designed algorithm adjusts handling of truck to speed you have selected. When you change gear speeds truck accurately tells you gear speed, m/s power, and my coefficients for active steering and suspension. People often tell me I make best driving and border crossing vehicles.

Logistar is easy to drive, no awkwardness having to remember lots of commands. Speed is controlled with ten-speed transmission (gears) so you can can choose to travel at reasonable speeds according to road conditions. Use viewer motion controls jump up and crouch down to change gear speed, or use keyboard page up/down arrows. There are three reverse speeds, just key "low" or "normal" or "high" in chat to select reverse gear you want. UltraLifter uses these same keyboard control methods.

As driver sits you hear engine start up and exhaust pipe gives appropriate exhaust smoke. When driver stands exhaust automatically ends. You will notice forward engine sound is realistic for a truck of this size, there is a quiet idle sound, and there is a beep-beep classic back up warning sound when you go into reverse.

To increase operator utility, Logistar has working cab doors and working spotlight headlights (if you have advanced lighting selected in your viewer graphics preferences). Doors have sound effects you would expect.

Headlights are controlled by a button on dash and you hear electronic confirmation sound when you touch it. Key a "b" in chat for "beep beep" horn sound.

Logistar has three views you control from keyboard. Key "v1" for view from behind truck, "v2" for view above cab, and "v3" for driver view. The forklift also has this same view control feature.

The truck is has a land weight of 64, while the forklift is 34.

This is an approved GTFO! vehicle. VAPI code and API are script already installed and ready to use immediately. Indeed, this vehicle is preloaded with the latest 2021 Version 1.9.0a and is ready to go immediately. VAPI code is: LLLOGISTAR. Specifications are: Larsson Logistar | Capacity: 3 Heavy Crates (900 FU | Overhead: G$0 per kilometer. The crates are not linked to GTFO! HUD because this would interfere with lifter and truck scripting and your ability to manage loading process yourself.

There is also a non-GFTO! version 5.1 in the box if you don't play the freight delivery game in SL

These are copy only vehicles. The scripting is very advanced and any tampering with vehicle design is likely to lead to disappointing consequences. Also for now, these vehicles do not feature resizing. These two vehicles are made to exact real world scale. Message me if you have special needs, and will resize it for you.

I am on SL every day and pretty easy to contact. I will respond quickly because I want to make sure you totally enjoy using these vehicles.

Thanks, stay safe, have fun and best wishes!


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  • Truck features exclusive active steering and suspension scripting
  • Working forklift mounted on truck and you can rez it to ground
  • Forklift takes and places pallet crates from GTFO! ready truck
  • Forklift takes and places pallet crates anywhere you can rez
  • Totally revolutionary

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