XD-Gadgets - [Adv] Linked Set Face Texture Changer System - Content Creator Texture Change HUD for MESH SCULTP or PRIM Version 5.2.7

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*Please See The Attached You Tube Video or the FAQ at the Bottom Of This Listing for More Info
***I speak English Only

Do you Create, Sell or Give away Your Clothing, Sculpts, Mesh Objects or Prims?

Do you want the competitive advantage of allowing your clients to re-texture the product to their liking?

Do you want to skip the spendy process of hiring a scripter to customize a Texture Change HUD for Your Products?

Then You’re in the Right Place….

The XD-Gadgets [Advanced] Face Texture Changer System allows you to include a Texture Change HUD with all the items that you release/sell to the public.

Once you create the Texture Configuration Card (which tells the system what textures to place on what on your Mesh, Prims, or Sculpt) it will take you Less Than 10-15 minutes to create a HUD to Release to your clients.

The System is designed around Low-Lag processes and empowers you to create a Texture Change HUD that you can copy, modify the textures of the HUD, and transfer the HUD to your clients.

Features of the System:

1) Secure and Low-Lag Forms of communication between the HUD and Object being Textured are used.
2) Texture Change HUD Works on Both Items that are worn AND items rezzed inworld.
3) Ability to Change Multiple Textures in a Linked Object (Linked Objects can be combinations of prims, sculpts, or mesh)
4) Rez a Box, Plop the Scripts in it – and the System Creates the Perfect Sized HUD for you (no time wasted on resizing prims to the correct dimensions).
5) Quick Guide and YouTube Tutorial Video Provided to Get You Up and Running as Fast As Possible.
6) Templates Provided for Button Positioning, a Glossy 3d Button Template to Overlay over your textures, and a Template HUD Background.

What the System Cannot Do (I put this in here so you don’t expect More From it)

1) This system was specifically designed for MESH Clothing Attachments – however it's application can be for any item, sculpt, mesh or prim, that is 1 Linked Set. The System Can Only Change textures in 1 Linked Set (However, If you Link Multiple HUDs together, it is possible to change Multiple Linked Set – See FAQ Below)
2) This System only Changes the Face Textures; it does not change rotation of textures, repeats, or scaling. (Normally this is not a problem unless using textures that were not specially made for the Mesh or Sculpted Item).
3) Button Locations on the HUD May NOT be changed unless you purchase the Plug-In.
4) The Scripts are always NO MOD. You can still modify the prims the scripts are in.

As always – please contact Xavier Sockington if you have questions, concerns, or would like a demonstration of the product.

FTC System FAQ

Q: Can I Make 1 HUD That Retextures Multiple Objects with the SAME Texture?
Example: A Mesh Shirt that comes in Different sizes like S, M, L, XL, etc.

A: Yes you Can! The HUD works by configuring any objects that have the correct scripts in them, within 10 m of the HUD. So just make sure to Rez out all your Different Objects at the same time, and put the Object Scripts in each, then configure and finalize the HUD.
Please Note – all the objects will be updated with the same texture. 1 HUD Cannot, for example, change the shirt to one texture and the pants to another texture – see below for how that is accomplished.

Q: Can I make 1 HUD that Changes Multiple Object with DIFFERENT textures?
Example 1: You are Selling a Shirt and Pants Together (2 objects), You Want 1 HUD that Changes Both Independently.

A: Yes you Can, BUT, it requires some additional steps:
In order to Do this, you must configure each object separately (and finalize them), and then Link the HUDS together to make 1 HUD (if you have 3 objects, then 3 HUDs linked together, and so forth).
Step 1: Rez out Object 1 (Your Shirt From the Above Examples) and Your HUD to the Ground. Configure the HUD and Finalize the HUD. Take Both the HUD and Object 1 Back into Inventory.
Step 2: Rez out Object 2 (Your Pants from the above examples) and Your HUD to the Ground. Configure and Finalize the HUD. Take Both the HUD and Object 2 Back into Inventory.
Step 3: Rez out Your HUD for Object 1, and Rez out Your HUD for Object 2 (and all other HUDs that you might have created)
Step 4: Move the HUDS so they touch each other. (You don’t have to, but aesthetically it would be more pleasing)
Step 5: Link the HUDS together by selecting both HUDS and Hold Down CTRL+L
Step 6: Take the HUD back into your inventory and Wear it along with Your objects

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  • Set Up to 8 Changes to Textures
  • Setup Takes Under 15 Minutes
  • Customizable HUD Graphics (Templates Included)
  • Compatable with Add-Ons (Sold Separate) to Customize Button Locations and MORE!

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Posted May 20, 2016 by Mozart Loordes 5 stars

Excellent price for this texture changer, it's simple to use and never fails. Just waiting for an add-on resizer now!

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Good System

Posted January 19, 2016 by Ryaan Diesel 5 stars

Very easy to use i hate the hud and this is one is very awesome.


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