XOPH Mesh Danceball with 300 anims, Light Spots Projector, Remote triggers, Copyable, Most prims mod

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[In case of any problems with a dance ball, try just taking it to inventory and then placing it back out. It will reset. In case of any continued problems, please contact me.]

First see the video: http://youtu.be/jSV8HV-lwB8
and in-world demos: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Annapurna/79/226/3332
Then read details to be sure what you are getting.
Perms: copy on everything, mod on most prims.
Note: light spot effect is subject to standard SL projector limitations. Details below.

Peasant : 15 anims, "UV" style ball
Proletariat: 25 anims, classic ball, remote trigger post
Demonic: 66 anims, caged eye style, remote trigger post
Bourgeoisie: 57 anims, several ball styles, light spots effect, 2 styles remote trigger
Emperor: 300+ anims, several ball styles, light spots effect, 2 styles remote trigger, plus some bonus items.

Singles Dance Ball "Emperor Edition" (300-anim version with all extras):

11 Original Mesh Danceballs (examples in second picture):
- 2 Classics: square facets (1172 or 2972 facets)
- 4 UV style: facets narrow at poles (448, 1350, 2400, or 5100)
- 2 Cage style: one contains treble clef, the other can show a particle texture dropped in contents
- 3 Pano: for panoramic or plain textures (512, 1350, or 2400). For demo purposes, a tutorial image from 360 FACIL.com is applied. For more info, see Torley Linden's overview of panoramic images or search for spherical [equirectangular] panoramas.
- Bonus Plasma ball added December 2014

Most styles have appearance menu with texture change, sparkle particles on/off, fullbright on/off, rotation speed and direction

Includes over 300 licensed mocap dances (Almost every Ministry of Motion singles animation). To add other animations, just drop them in.

Includes an SL Light Projector for spots on floor and walls, with control HUD for: Color, color cycling, rotation speed, on/off, light parameters (intensity, fallof, radius).
NOTE: SL Projectors require advanced lighting model and local lights enabled. Their patterns do not show up on alpha or semitransparent surfaces, and their reflected strength/color depends on surface color. When several local lights are nearby, SL may not show all lights.

Includes remote trigger (pole / post) for triggering ball from other places in region (third picture).
Bonus for Intan owners: Emperor Edition includes an Intan Couples trigger and a hybrid Intan/Xoph trigger.

Copy perms on all components. Mod on most prims (but no-mod scripts).

Land impact varies widely with size and type:
Average ball has impact 3 at 0.6-meter diameter and around 8 at 1 meter, when including an optional hanger above the ball. This does NOT include the spot projector, which adds 3 LI.
Using the 5100-facet ball or scaling much larger can cause high impact.
Bonus: Emperor Edition includes some "giant" versions that reduce prim impact (but have no LOD resistance. so they must be large to see reliably).

Dance slot scripts automatically turn off when inactive, to minimize idle script time.

Can support up to 99 AVs (30 slots installed by default, with instructions for increasing).

Per-user dance modes:
- Each user can pick dances from menu individually
- Sync: optionally, each user can pick another AV to sync to (subject to standard SL limitations)
- Random: optionally, each user can choose to have dances change randomly every 2-3 minutes

Invite feature lets users trigger dance requests for AVs who are near the main ball (invite rate is throttled for non-owners).

Free automatic updates in case of bug fixes (checks for update when rezzed).

Handles animations with long names (above 24 letters is OK).

Handles as many animations as will fit into prim contents -- not memory limited.

Won't break or complain if you add your own script (unless your own script is doing the breaking or complaining).

Dance menu matches XOPH's personal preferences :) :
- top-to-bottom alphabetized dances
- dance list is first menu to appear when touched, for quick dance access. Extras menu is accessed through last dance page.
- menu re-appears after dance selection (no need to keep clicking ball to browse dances)
- page is remembered as long as AV is dancing (no need to hunt through from the first page again)
- pages cycle and wrap-around in both directions (e.g., can jump from first to last page)
- 9 dances listed per page except last page (I got grumpy at a ball that only listed 6 dances per page).

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  • Singles Dance Ball, copyable (plus mod on most prims)
  • Several styles, original meshes
  • Light spots projector with control HUD
  • Region-wide remote trigger posts
  • Over 300 licensed anims (Ministry of Motion). No worries about stolen anims.

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Best Singles Dance Ball Bar None

Posted July 21, 2018 by Crim Mip 5 stars

I freelance DJ which means I often need to put out my own dance balls. A good (if expensive and no-copy) one is easy to come by. Singles with decent dance anims? Not so much. I just ran across this at a club and noticed it mostly because the texure animation was really good. Then I checked into the listing and the feature list was insane. I considered the next model down, but figured it was worth the extra to get like five times the dances. This is amazing. I probably will never use have the features and best of all it's copy so I won't lose it by accident. I'd give it 10 stars if I could. I really wish there was a matching couples ball because I'd mothball my Intan heart in a hot second. If you need a dance ball for DJing or for a club, this one is the one to get hands down.

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Love this creator!

Posted November 02, 2015 by Anjevia 5 stars

I have some of Xoph's other items and when I saw they had this for sale I had to get it. Great creator and they came through for me again with this set!

I had been looking for a better dance ball for some time. This was perfect for me. I'm not a huge collector of animations or anything, but it allows me to add what I do have to it, and comes with plenty of good dances that are fun for most people.

The best thing is, it offers much, much more than other, more expensive systems out of the box for a much more reasonable price. The ability to change the chat channel and add more dance balls for a larger crowd is awesome, and the remote dance triggers are perfect for my club, which is in a skyscraper and spread out over multiple floors. Not only that, but since we are on a half sim on the mainland the remotes allow me to link the ball to other buildings if I want to and customize which balls offer certain dances. Amazing system for the price.

Thanks Xoph!

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