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This house was an experimental build with extensive scripted texturing. The script had problems, so I ditched it, but I loved this house's open floor plan and two story wrap-around porch, so I updated it. The new version has an additional huge room in the attic, and it comes with a texture pack containing the original textures that were used in the scripted house.

The texture pack includes textures for nearly all surfaces: walls, baseboards, ceilings, wallpaper boarder, windows and other woodwork, exterior siding, windows and roof shingles.

These textures have +copy permissions, but are not modifiable or transferable. To use them: rezz the texture pack then copy the contents to your inventory. Drag textures from your inventory directly onto the surface you want to texture.

Take care with window textures inside though -- window prims are larger than they seem to be and partially cover the walls. Easy to accidentally drag a wall texture over the window prim or vise versa.

To teleport between the second floor and the attic, click the second floor ceiling. To teleport back down, click the attic floor. Follow instructions that come up in chat. Don't change the linkage of the house or the tp won't work properly.

Built from custom meshes specially made for this home, and including historically accurate textures with coordinating walls, borders and ceiling textures.

At 51 LI and 20 x 18 m. it fits comfortably on a 512 plot and leaves lots of prims for you to furnish, wide front porch and veranda. two complete living floors and a finished attic!


Antique Artistry is a complete Marketplace based Victorian home and garden center offering Victorian houses, landscaping supplies, and antique furniture by two creators, Fatima Ur and Poppet McGimsie.

Antique Artistry has been in continuous operation, providing some of the finest builds in SL since 2006.

To save $$ for both you and us, Antique Artistry is transforming to an entirely Marketplace based store!

Our products all have modify and copy permission, but cannot be transferred or returned.

Though we have no inworld store, all of the products we sell on the Marketplace come with Demo versions. These demos are exact replicas of the products. Be sure to examine Demos thoroughly before purchasing, since purchases cannot be returned for refund.

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Sold by: Fatima Ur
Land Required

This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to unpack and use it.

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  • Permissions:
    Copy Modify Transfer User Licensed
  • Automatic redelivery
  • Land Impact: 51
  • Mesh: 100% Mesh