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Now at version 1.6.0! A minor reworking to add a minimize/maximize button to hide the HUD when not in use :)

What is it?

First and foremost, it's meant to be a useful tool for getting from airport to airport. If you just want to follow a world map beacon it will do that for you. But it also strives to be more, and to make flight navigation more fun than simply flying in a straight line to the map beacon.

It's a tool that allows you to load sets of positions for airports and navigate to them, including the heading of the runway.

It can set the world map beacon for you, and also provides an emulation of a real life horizontal situation indicator (HSI).

It also provides a little more information, such as distance to target and bearing to target.

It also has a route mode, after popular request, so that it can lead you through an entire route described in a notecard.


It uses notecards to record lists of airports and their positions. Runway headings can use any angle 0 to 359 degrees :)

Multiple notecards can be stored in the the HUD and loaded when you wish to use them, so you can create them for continents or routes or however you want to organise them.

It allows you to go directly to a named airport using a familiar dialog menu, or you can step through airports one at a time with previous and next buttons. So hop about on a whim, or follow a route airport by airport, your choice again :)

It has two route modes of operation, where it will automatically set the next or previous waypoint as you progress through a journey. Lots of other waypoint HUDs do this, so you're probably familiar with it already.

Uses RLV to prevent the world map from being opened when you set a target destination. If you don't use RLV, there are two other modes available.

It displays essential numerical information, such as distance to target, bearing to target and difference in altitude/elevation between you and the runway.

It also uses spoken audio clues to assist in lining up with the runway (these can be silenced).

Works fully in mouselook, and mouselook flying is fuuuuuun!

But by far the best feature is the emulation of the horizontal situation indicator. This is a nifty way of describing how you and the runway are positioned in horizontal space, and it's one of the key instruments on a real instrument panel. Next to that niftiness is the glide slope indicator that indicates how well you are descending towards a landing. You can change the glide slope to best suit the thing you're flying :)

Those important HSI parts are:-

course select pointer (shows runway's heading)
to/from indicator
course deviation indicator bar
glide slope indicator
heading indicator (this looks like a heading select bug, but actually reports your current heading)

There's *tons* of information in the instruction manual, including worked examples of how to read the HSI.

All of the above means that you can actually fly to an airport and not rely solely on seeing the world around you. If you use a low draw distance or have other problems with airports rezzing far too late for you to see, this HUD will guide you right to the runway *and* have you pointing in the right direction and descending at the right rate to land your aircraft :)


None! The old mouselook caveat is now history, the HUD works fully in mouselook with just a teeny tiny bit of pre-flight preparation.

Starbuckk Serapis - we bounced some useful ideas off of each other for mouselook functionalilty, take a look at his pilot HUD
Crim Mip - begged/nagged me to tweak/add the CDI deviation setting, and tested plenty of iterations as a result
Serena Lexington - responsible for me changing from a fixed 3 sim distance to the variable glide distance in 1.3.0, yay!

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  • navigate to airports, and use any runway heading
  • use the world map beacon, or fly by instrumentation
  • use routes/waypoints if you wish
  • emulates a real instrument (HSI), land without even seeing the runway

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Great tool! Deserves 20 stars in my book!!

Posted June 07, 2021 by MrEsRemain 5 stars

This thing is super useful and very handy, Doesn't take much to learn how to use and you can change airports as required. I am sure I still haven't figured everything out but the glide slope feature has already made me a much better pilot.

Highly recommended!!!!!!

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Adding my 5 stars

Posted January 04, 2021 by Rick Gearbox 5 stars

Must have product can't praise it more!

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