dBF - Gearhed ST-R Version 1.1

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-------Things to know before you buy----------
- ---100% MESH----- some viewers cannot see mesh, so this is important.
- MOUSE REQUIRED for a handful of controls.
- Prim count 52
- 50 Land Impact <- (this is what matters nowadays with mesh btw).
- 15.5 physics cost
- Save the box, you never know when you accidentally delete stuff :/ .
- A ton of effort has been put into customizing options with this and my other vehicles, and having fun with the them...DO IT !!! Don't worry about breaking anything you always rez a copy !!



- This is just a general broad overview of what's going on with this product, any controls or extra feature info is included in an extended info notecard.

- 1, 4 prim LAGLESS HUD that drives any customization and options the touch menus had before and a TON more thanks to the script room.

- Mainly a stunt bike featuring 7 (8 counting neutral) named fully animated stunts trigger-able at any point while riding, boot spark emitters included to tear up the concrete for the last 1 trick in the set.
- 6 drive modes....Track, Drift, Flight, Hydro, Chill (idle), and now Custom Track (tunable drive mode, preserving all others). This has been exteeeensively tested and prooven to be able to turn this bike from a street smooth flowing machine into a corner breaking, max speed monster.

- Insanely, insanely, insanely customizable including :

- 16 paint jobs, (1 of which is a plain texture so 15 if you prefer).
- 19 color choices for a ton of separate parts (ranging from boss bottle, body, etc. to burnout-drift smoke, headlight beam, etc.).
- Change shine of all the parts as well.
- Tint changing glass.
- 2 Tone Neons, color changeable Body / Wheel setups now also include an easy on/off mode preserving your colors.

Other features include (but definitely not limited to lol):

- A TON of animation work, from the stunts named above ^ to drive animations, turns , allll the good stuff down to animated passenger.
- Every light works -> turn signals, headlights, sub-headlights, break/reverse, handful of neon glow (professional light emitting).
- Working guages...no not letters the guages are very sci-fi LED's and move.
- Comes with 6 hand-made songs (instrumentals), and 11 hand-made loops.
- Slide-out browser TV on the gas tank (rather small....it's a motorcycle don't complain lol).
- Custom hydraulics scripting (workable from HUD or via key controls in hydro mode).
- Key mapped color change-able nitrous purge systems (base off body neon color).
- Of course it does wheelies.
- Toggle-able headlights.
- Toggle-able spinna rims.
- Toggle-able sound volumes ( loud/muffled ).
- Toggle-able idle sound ( aggressive / mild ).
- Toggle-able brakes alone or with auto stoppie ( nose-wheelie ).
- Toggle-able (re- worked) main and passenger locks system a lot more user friendly than they were before.
- 3 Chill mode poses you can cycle through,
- 4 camera options ( including an awesome fake 1st person mode ).
- 2 seater.
- 8 gears ( speeds from street creeper to "OMG MY FACE MY FACE" ).
- Adjustable sit positions.
- Very necessary racing options - set return, return, and snap 2 grid (align).
- Extensively tested on sim-crossing (on a laggy 3 Mbps connection with draw distance @ 96 and LOD on 2.5 FS viewer, pretty standard stuff), this thing flew through MAINLAND sims in 4th gear ( any higher and you might experience a script error due to the bike actually rezzing too fast for the scripts to take perms of your avatar, this is an LL side error not the scripts ).
- And speaking of scripts, IF they DO error on region change, they are made to self-correct, just cross a new sim a bit slower ( 3rd or lower gear ).



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By far the best in SL

Posted April 30, 2017 by HashbrownYoda 5 stars

I know some people are having issues with seeing the hud but on my screen its very clear and I have no problem understanding anything. The best bike I have ever owned in SL. Reminds me of my RL one so I had to get this. A must buy if you want to show off some made skills haha.

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Hud too custom, not readable::.

Posted April 29, 2017 by David Jua 2 stars

The hud needs to be readable, way too custom. I like the bike, waiting on the hud from creator, may give a better review. Would not promote this bike.

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  • 4.53 stars Reviews (15)

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