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UPDATE ==> Version 4.7 features a host of improvements, including beautiful mesh tools and toys by Stabitha.

Introducing emDash, a versatile grid-wide transporter and multi-gadget. It's long and growing list of features include:

* HORIZONS compatible - The latest version has a host of new features, including full support for HORIZONS holodeck scenes. Install your favorite scene or scenes in the HUD, and you can instantly rez a room around you wherever you go. (Assuming you're on build and script-enabled land, of course.)

* No-rez follower - Follow anyone by floating around behind them (or in front for chatting.) This works in no-build and no-script areas, though you will need to turn it on in a script-enabled parcel.

* Camera follower - Stay put while your camera follows the target, up your drawing range. To shut it off, simply start moving normally.

* Teleport anywhere in the sim in the blink of an eye. No notecards to mess with. emDash automatically detects compatible Novatech teleporters or landing pads and places them in your menu, ready to port to.

* Camera port, warp you and/or friends to wherever your camera is focused. This can be a dash (instant travel with no rezzed beams), or a transporter beam so your friends can follow.

* Walk in the air on a sheet of ice, a blazing trail of fire, a magical glowing disc, or the clouds!

* Walk on the water on a soft carpet of lilypads, a bubbling mist, or a trail of whimsical splashes.

* Dashing device -- double-tap any movement key and instantly dash through solid objects! You can adjust the power, use it in mouselook, dash to your camera position, or specify coordinates to dash clear across the sim!

* Landmark memory. emDash memorizes the last 50+ sims you've visited, so you can return when you want to. You can even open a portal so that others can follow you.

* Favorites -- Organize your favorite places. emDash saves 99 locations by any name you choose. Once saved, you can call up a portal at any time to bring you back, and anyone else you want to invite.

* Portal -- Opens a portal to anywhere on the grid. Portals are bi-directional (they appear when you land so you can return easily), and you can choose between several forms including an interstellar gate, police box, mystical runegate, and more! With the included scripts, you can turn any object with copy/mod rights into a grid-wide portal.

* Poofer -- A wide range of poofers (effects that play when teleporting) are available. Including a police box, any emDashes transporter beam or portal, and a growing range of particle effects by Summer Seale and other artists. I've also included a script so you can create your own.

* Over a dozen transporter styles, including Asgard, Bioshock, Borg, Cardassian, Hellfire, Orb, clouds, flames, and several other styles.

* Landing pad included. Rez wherever you want to teleport on a regular basis, give it a name, and have fun. emDash is also compatible with our grid-wide teleporters, and will find available locations automatically.

* Escape Pod -- Say "/rez pod" and an escape pod appears in front of you. Hop in and enjoy the ride!

* Building Platform -- Say "/platform" and a handy platform appears beneath your feet. Touch the platform's transparent floor to toggle a builder's grid.

* Skydome -- A larger, domed platform with several texture sets for photographing your wares, hanging out with your friends, or whatever you wish. Touch the floor for a handy builder's grid. Touch the dome to convert it to a fence if you prefer wide-open skies.

* Hoverdisc -- A non-physical chair, used to fly through walls. Can also follow your friends within the sim. Pilotable by anyone, so rez a few for your friends to play with.

* Table -- A smart table with automatically rezzed chairs. Moving the table forces the chairs to follow, so you can use it to bring yourself and many other people anywhere in the sim. Includes light and color-changing menu.

* Hovercraft -- Say "/rez saucer" and a three-man hovercraft appears. It's guest flyable as well, so rez a bunch for your friends.

* Free updates for life!

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  • Teleport anywhere with dozens of effects
  • Dash through solid walls
  • Walk on water and sky
  • Rez a host of tools and HORIZONS-compatible scenes
  • Sim-wide radar and sim monitor

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Delightful, useful, playful, and practical

Posted May 04, 2019 by Beatrice Voxel 5 stars

I use this to jump around my parcels, and also to pop in on visitors. I occasionally get peeping tom types, ones that hide in a corner of the parcel (or a neighboring parcel) and cam into houses and the like. Emdash makes it easy to lock them down and then pop right to them to ask what they think they're doing. If they act like creeps... BOOP! off they go. I've given one to my co-tenants, and also my land manager/landlady.

It's not a fancy combat HUD, with no real offense or griefer tools, so most sims don't notice you wearing one, either.

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Awesome item!

Posted April 04, 2016 by DesignerDrug 5 stars

I love this thing. I almost always have it attached and easy to get around places or to show off!

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