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♥ Neko Real Estate WEB ♥

♦ Mainland / Horizons ( Adult )
- 702prim (1024sqm) L$455/week ~
- 1406prim (2048sqm) L$895/week ~

♦ Mainland / Nautilus ( Moderate )
- 702prim (1024sqm) L$455/week ~
- 1406prim (2048sqm) L$895/week ~

♦ Mainland / Bay City ( Moderate or General )
- 702prim (1024sqm) L$455/week ~
- 1406prim (2048sqm) L$895/week ~

✓ No limit, You can use it freely.
✓ Security available. (touch rental board)
✓ Visitor notifications available. (touch rental board)
✓ We will set up a house, furniture and a garden.

♦ How start renting
Please visit the rental property from the website. =>
We will start renting by paying to the rent board installed on the site of the property.
Please wait for the group invitation.
By participating in the group, it is possible to customize the Parcel.
Such as buildings and furnitureand are grouped, so you can move, edit, copy and return.
You can extend the remaining rental period according to the amount deposited on the rent board.

♦ Parcel setting management ( mainland )
All rental properties are owned by the group of "Neko Real Estate"
After joining the group, you can use the following parcel management.

· Invite people to this group
· Ban members from this group

Parcel identification information
· Partition name, description, and "Change Moderate content settings"
· Set landing point and teleport route

Setting up partitions
· Change music and media settings
· Switch various settings in "Land Information"> "Options" tab
· Modify natural environment settings and day cycles

Permission of the parcel
· Always allow "Edit terrain"
· Always allow "flying"
· Always allow "Create Object"
· Ignore the landing point
· Allow "home setting" to group land
· Allow "event hosting" on group-owned land

Access to the block
· Management of partition access list
· Management of block ban list
· Exile and freeze the residents on the block

Partition content
· Returning group owned objects
· Return objects set for group
· Returning non-group objects
· Landscape creation using linden plants

Object management
· Transfer object to group
· Operation (move, copy, modify) group owned object

Shared use in groups
Members added to the group are given "always create objects" and "home settings" permissions.

♥ Neko Real Estate WEB ♥

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