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HESS: Heavy Environment Subterranean Survival suit, originally built for deep diving depths.
Zeta Sector had forefronted stability research for installations on planets with high tectonic disturbances, allowing for more than just an aerial view of insane and uninhabitable rocks.

Zeta owed its origins to its vital part in colonizing earths seas, allowing for vast technological wonders to intertwine with horrors of the deep oceanic floors - Incidents of which can be found as [REDACTED] throughout its historical archives.

This suit features heavy weaving for protecting the users internal organs, the science of which is heavily classified.


1 Male suit
1 Female suit
Animesh version of each suit.

SEE IN FULL 3D: https://sketchfab.com/models/a1f81015f0bb47878a28d0243a7f9062


This item uses the DURPBUTT Deer body for a base, note that it does not sit ontop of the body properly past the neck, so use your ALPHA HUD to hide everything but the neck area.

NOTE: the helmet will resize with your head size, I've included a default shape for what I consider to be the best size - messing around with it may end in clipping issues so please

These suits also use Advanced Materials and will probably look fairly bad without it on, please use it as it shouldn't affect your performance much.

The torches included may need to be re-adjusted in regards to your height, they're just invisible prims with projectors and aren't required.

Report any issues to Zoxin Resident.

Other shizzle:

I have also included an animesh character for some fun - click it to change the animation, you'll need either the latest DEFAULT viewer for the latest FIRESTORM viewer (beta viewer as of 28/12/2018) to see it. Maybe you can get some use out of it.

Left click the invisible box it's linked to (you'll see it when you rez it in-world), this box will remain at the very point you rezzed it at - use this to select the object, selecting the character itself is basically impossible so don't go insane trying to select it!

BE AWARE the scripts may break from time to time, for some reason I couldn't get the animations to actually stay in the object as SL kept throwing errors about failing to create items. If you encounter this, just use the animation selection, not the AO.



  • 2 Suit meshes; Male and Female
  • Advanced Materials
  • Animesh versions of each suit

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