microCTRL Power Switch Version 1.1.0

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The microCTRL Power Switch is a basic power switch that will allow you to turn your microCTRL lights on and off without having to touch them. The custom mesh switch comes with customizable sounds and 4 different textures which are selectable via dialog menu (brushed metal, plastic, rough plastic, woodgrain) as well as various selectable colours via menu. You can restrict who can touch the switch via group, owner, or public and also the distance at which someone can operate the switch to prevent griefing.

Only compatible with microCTRL lights.

Custom mesh.
Hand crafted custom mesh in Blender along with custom created textures (including normal map and specular map).
Only 0.5 land impact for the switch (rounds up to 1 land impact if not linked to other objects).
Status LED on the button to show you the state of the switch.
Automatic mode which will turn the switch on at sunset and off at sunrise.
Can control as many lights as you want.
Lights must either be within the same region or in the same linkset.
Assign switches to rooms by editing their Room ID in the configuration notecard.
Switches will only control lights with the same ID.
Multiple switches with the same ID will mirror eachother's state to allow, for example, a switch at each end of a large room to control the same lights.
Switches can be linked to a building or stand alone.
microCTRL switches and lights will auto sense when they're linked or unlinked to a building and change their mode of communication dynamically.
Settings notecard.
Most settings are configured via editing a notecard in the switch's inventory.
Makes it a bit easier to copy settings to multiple switches by configuring one and then duplicating the switch using SL editing tools.
Switches can push settings to lights with the same ID.
The switch's settings notecard mirrors some of the settings from microCTRL lights. This allows any light with a matching ID to download some settings from the switch.
One single place to update the settings for your lights (only lighting settings are pushed such as light intensity, falloff, projector settings, etc.).
Owner dialog menu.
The owner of the switch can long-press on the faceplate to bring up a settings dialog menu.
The menu has options for reloading the notecard (though this is auto-loaded every time it is modified), viewing the switch status, and customizing the switch.
There's not a lot to be done with the menu at this time, it's more of a feature put in place to allow for future planned features.
Customizable sounds.
The click sounds can be customized by swapping out the sound files in the switch inventory.
Customizable via notecard.
Don't like the way our switch looks? You can create your own mesh, put the microCTRL script in it, and then set the mesh faces in the notecard to tell our script how to interact with your mesh.
You can change how often the timer checks the time of day.
You can change the distance someone must be from the switch in order to use it.
Updater ready.
If an update is given, you will only need to rezz the updater object to update the scripts in your switches and lights.
More features are planned after the initial release.

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  • Custom mesh
  • Automatic mode
  • Selectable textures and colours
  • Switches can push settings to lights with the same ID
  • Customizable sounds

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