/studioDire/ Tabletop - Royal Insignia (Includes ALL Tabletop Items*)

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The Tabletop - Royal Insignia is a ONE time fee lifetime subscription to everything in the Tabletop wing of the /studioDire/ store.

It includes the Gamemaster Kit, all miniatures, all dice sets, and any and all structure or other kits that have been released and will be released. Whenever something new is released in the store in the Tabletop wing, simply redeliver this item and it will be there for you and your players. *The only Tabletop items it excludes are the store's group gifts and Tabletop Hall freebies.
- Current Kits and Accessories Included: 3
- Current Miniature Packs Included: 38
- Current Dice Sets Included: 22

If you would like to see the miniatures and other items in person, please visit the /studioDire/ Main Store and enter the Tabletop wing. No matter what pen and paper game you and your friends play, this package makes for an incredible gift. Please note that as more Tabletop items are released, the price for this pack will increase.


The Gamemaster Kit for studioDire's Tabletop includes everything you need to start hosting your own game at your own home other than books, pens, and paper.

It comes with a fully functional Map Board that works with all compatible miniatures. Players can rez their own miniatures on to the board to represent themselves that they can move around at will and change status effects on. Gamemasters will also be able to move and change status effects on miniatures on their Map Board. Any textures you wish to use as maps can be placed inside the board and switched to whenever you want. The grid is completely customizable and can be switched between hex/square, can be scaled, change transparency and color, all through the easy to use options menu.

The Fog of War Markers will allow you to place squares of shadow on the map to give your group the proper exploration experience. It will even save presets based on your map textures so that you can set things up before the game and bring them out when needed.

Included Graveyard Trays will hold any Removed miniatures from the map to keep things organized for looting or to keep miniatures where you can easily bring them back.

Now also includes a functional Gamemaster Screen to store your most used reference pages.

Cardboard miniatures with three different bases and a full permissions layout texture to help you design whatever character or monster you want to be. Each studioDire Miniature includes a variety of scripted functions to give your group easy to use ways to show various status effects including particle status effect flags, coloring, stealth transparency, and even toppling over.

A massive set of glossy white dice that will let you roll d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100, percentile and custom face dice. Custom face dice let you use words for different faces, useful for games that have non-numerical dice. Each dice keeps a history of the last twenty rolls.

A special phone that acts as a jump in/out game chat device. When rezzed, it'll allow the player to easily chat privately with the group supporting in character, emotive, and out of character text.

And finally, a set of glass counters that for one land impact, will let you choose between 0 to 10 counters being displayed. Use this to keep track of various points that some games use.

And all of the above are made in beautifully rendered mesh with nothing above one land impact.

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Thank you for your interest. For more information on the items that /studioDire/ creates and to take part in guiding where /studioDire/ heads next, join us in the /studioDire/ Brigade group.

To join our group, simply pull up Search, go to Groups, and type in studioDire. Or use this link: secondlife:///app/group/18fa98b0-1f60-a513-aa28-4970b3375b59/about to pull up the group window directly. Our group will allow you to receive news and group gifts. All of our past group gifts are available at our main store inworld and all group members receive a 20% discount off main store purchases.

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If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, or etc, feel free to drop Remnant Ashbourne an IM/Notecard/PM/Email/Courier Pigeon.

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  • Fully Functional Map Board, Graveyard Trays, and Fog of War Markers.
  • Fully Functional Cardboard Miniatures and Gamemaster Screen.
  • Fully Functional Dice Set.
  • Game Chat Phone for IC, Emotive, and OOC Text.
  • Functional Set of Glass Counters.

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