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The [zED]~APS~Animated Prim System™ (referred to as the APS) was designed to give builders the ability to bring their creations to life by animating them without the limitations that you get from older outdated systems. No longer will you be restricted to changes of size, position and rotation only, the APS allows you to change and record most of a prims parameters, from position and rotation to completely changing a prims shape, texture, colour and more.

If you are wanting to make doors that swing/slide open and close automatically and/or when touched, wings that expand/retract and flap when flying, statues that move when you get close, vehicles that transform, artificial limbs with moving parts, animals that roam around, dancing robots and anything else you can think of, the APS is the system for you, the only limit is your imagination!

Wether you are an advanced scripter or someone that has never laid eyes on a script before, the APS is so simple and easy to use that it produces full permission high quality professional scripts to your specifications with only a few clicks of a button via the user friendly menu driven interface. All you need to know is how to edit a prim and copy/paste, the rest is done for you automatically!

Check out the video tutorials by clicking "View Video" below to see for yourself the many features of the APS and how easy it is to use. The possibilities that the APS will help you realise are endless, so what are you waiting for, save yourself the time and money, get yours today or you'll be kicking yourself later.

Feature list:

● absolutely no scripting knowledge required.
● simple and easy to use system that generates full permission high quality professional scripts to your specifications with only a few clicks of a button via the user friendly menu driven interface (setup scripts/objects for creators that record and generate the full permission scripts are copy only).
● in depth step by step instructions and video tutorials.
● new age server less technology (will always remain functional as it does not rely on web servers).
● animate complete and/or parts of linksets in as little as 2 scripts (tested in linksets of up to 256 prims with animations of up to 200 frames, however, due to Second Life script memory limits, more prims and frames means more scripts that will be generated to accommodate these limits).
● can record an unlimited number of frames using most prim parameters and allows you to select which ones to include from size, position, rotation, flexible (softness, gravity, friction, wind, tension and force), light (colour, intensity, radius and falloff), texgen, glow, fullbright, bump and shine, colour and transparency, texture (repeats, offsets and rotation) and type (hole shape, cut, hollow, twist, dimple, hole size, top size, top shear, advanced cut, taper, revolutions, radius offset, skew, slice and sculpt).
● option to have the scripts optimized to allow for unlinking/relinking of the linkset so that animations remain intact.
● supports attachments and resizing of objects so that animations always remain relative in size, position, rotation and light radius without ever needing to redo them.
● import/edit animations that were made with other systems (zFire, zPUP, Puppeteer Free and Vendor Edition, Primator and more) and automatically convert them into full permission APS scripts at the click of a button.
● play, loop, replay, add, remove and/or replace frames at any time during and/or after the recording process, also allows APS animated objects the be re-imported for further editing if required.
● minimum frame delay of 0.02 seconds, allowing for extremely smooth and seamless animations.
● hundreds of selective trigger combinations to choose from (touch, on rez, collision, control, sit target, money, chat, sensor, link message, away, busy, typing, sitting, walking, running, flying and mouselook) each with configurable variables that can be mixed and matched to get the results you desire.
● preset triggers for specific uses (counter, dialog, door and timer), each with configurable variables and an MPS preset for integration with the [zED]~MPS~Multisit Pose System (perfect for recliners, pull out sofas and more).
● hard coded animations mean they will never be affected by sim crashes/restarts or script resets.

Product support and updates for life are included with the purchase of this product.

Customer Service:
If you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me. If you have not heard back from me within 24 hours, please try again as odds are your message was not received.

Thank you and have a great day!

-Zedgehog Dirval

[zED]ge-NeticS © 2011-2013

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  • absolutely no scripting knowledge required
  • records ALL possible prim parameters
  • generates FULL PERMISSION scripts (NO editing required)
  • allows an unlimited number of animation frames
  • hundreds of possible trigger combinations to choose from

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Very Useful Tool

Posted December 16, 2020 by David Heartsong 5 stars

This system still works as of December 16th 2020. It's been around a long time and is still one of the most useful tools for builders in my opinion. Even if you know how to script this easy to use system makes the job really fast and saves a lot of time. It would have taken me several hours to script what this thing did for me in a matter of minutes. I use this tool a lot to quickly fix annoying issues or to add features to other creators products I buy too. I highly recommend this product.

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Posted November 02, 2018 by CakeyDoe 1 star

i followed all the directions i watched the tutorials did everything correctly im on my own region in the sky region freshly restarted and this shit still acting stupid messing up frames that were recorded fine. i need 7 scripts in each prim just to record 20 frames? yea no this is way more complicated than the description alludes to im over it this is going in my trash.

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