15 LI "Linden's Nekka Sloop" public version (copy) Versão 3.5a

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- Low lag custom engine, can travel through objects by easy touch;
- Sails autoraising w/out rotating, effects starts only when need;
- No WIND engine, using effective, smooth custom written by me motorboat engine.
- Water moves, sound leveling depends on speed;
- Cruise Control;
- Easy simcrossing, easy control, no wind depends.

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10.01.2015 update:
Reduced 2 more prims, so now overal cost is 15 prims from yours land. Also it full retextured, so no Lindens textures now uses. Reduced sound noise. Removed permanent hovering text. If sound is too quiet, can make it back more loud.

10.08.2012 update:
This version reduce overal number of scripts to 3 and now is only 20KB using. Using land impact system I reduce overal number of prims to 17 prims. Build with 29 prims but uses only 17 prims from yours land. No temp rezzers, just using Land Impact system. So this way I reduced resource using from region when moving. Passanger now only sit without useless switching animations. Control wheel replaced with my sculpt map. Reduced number of particles generated on moving. Made lamp at the bottom more realistic looking. So overal looking not suffer at all but resource using reduced greatly, and you keep 12 prims comparing to previous versions.

...This sloop based on known Lindens boat with sails that uses the motorboat endinge to control it. This item is improvement of it and serves the same functionality. For water area wandering, while chatting with friends, no imaginable "realistic" sailing, no sailing learning, no dependand on illusionary wind but sail it raises and fall, water start splashing around, and sound of sea and wind can be heared..

Instruction for using appears when you sit it.
Using Linden's sail boat textures that is a name from. It uses latest prims from Lindens Lab and some full perm sculpts.
- It made for public use, means everyone can sit and drive it. It is copy only, so you can have unlimited copies but can't modify or transfer it. Issues:
- Every time someone stole your yacht from a place it was parking, when he stand from it, yacht will send direct teleport in message where it was left and name of user. Remember it is free for public -use.
- If you move yacht not siting on it, it also raises sails and switches effect, sit back to clean it.
- Instruction appears in local chat when you sit the captain place.

Price 1L is promo. Other versions of this yacht is 100L. For now exists 'Rust Nekka' -rust version, 'Dark Nekka' as limited edition pirate version of this - all sold.

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  • - Low lag custom engine, can travel through objects by easy touch
  • - Sails autoraising w/out rotating, effects starts only when need.
  • - Water moves, sound leveling depends on speed
  • - Cruise Control
  • - Easy simcrossing, easy control, no wind depends.

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Love it!

Postado(s) 07/06/2015 por Zoiya 5 estrelas

Perfect boat to get your feet wet! Just jump in and off you go. Sincerely love the ease of use.

I love this boat....

Postado(s) 24/05/2015 por Aiyana Lanley 5 estrelas

I was really surprised I just love the cruise control easy to work just amazing tysm


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  • 4.88 estrelas Resenhas (32)

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