17199 L$/week - FULL SIM with FULL RIGHTS!

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Settle down on the Azure Islands, one of Second Life's most exquisite estates, est. 2005. The Azure Islands offers some of the most well-developed and terraformed land in Second Life. Various selections of land sizes to choose from, all tailored to fit everyone’s budgets and needs.

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Live and do business in Azure Islands and experience the following perks:

• Stand-alone Full Prim Regions and Homesteads are available for those who seek total land control by utilizing their full Estate Rights ability and no covenant to worry about.
• Relax on the residential parcels or establish businesses on commercial parcels with either Moderate or Adult ratings.

• Azure Islands is the biggest ACS estate with over 700 sims.
• Its main continent has been operating since May 2005, and its presence in Second Life has been operating even longer.
• All transactions, rentals and land ownership are ensured safe by Anshe Chung.

• Access to more than 100 + connected sims for flying, sailing, skydiving, surfing and more!
• Choose from islands, quiet subdivisions, sky terrains, road-side lots, ocean front parcels and even starter lands!
• Newest server hardware available in Second Life
• Real-time sim performance monitoring
• Access to ACS estate sandbox
• Easy to use billing system that lets you pay in USD or L$ for however long you wish to pay at a time
• Rent transferable anywhere within Azure Islands
• Full access to the fast growing Anshe Chung Library with 1000+ high quality meshed items
• Fun community activities like weekly raffles, classes, referral programs and events
• Enjoy 5% - 30% region prim bonus on selected lands
• Several themes to choose from, Paradise Beach, Pleasure Island Beach, Vampire Island and many more! Many of which actually allow you to OWN the objects and move, unrezz, rerezz them etc.

• 24-hour quality customer support
• Experienced land management team

Website: http://www.anshex.com/second_life_land?cmd=land&last=zoning&estate=Azure+Islands
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/candyazure.estate
Email: support.azureislands@gmail.com

• The Azure Islands are competitively priced, no set up fee and no premium account needed.

Interested? Please contact Candy Azure in-world or teleport to our sales hub in the sim "AzureIslands Welcome".

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  • 30000 prims
  • 65536 sqm
  • Estate Manager Rights Available
  • PG/Mature/Adult rating
  • No set up fee

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AzureIslands Estate
AzureIslands Estate
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Vendido por: Candy Azure
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