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2018 Summer Offer :) UPDATED MODEL - -


••• Welcome to the most exquisite yacht in second life --> TATY •••

••• Best Drivable Yacht for 2018 SUMMER ••• Prim / Shape Perfect Combination ••• ONLY 103 FULL Furnished •••

Also you can modify and unlink jetski - and will be 99 Prims Land Impact

New Technologies included with this model !

Please Read Before Buy !!

•This Yacht Have Very good Sim Crossings

22 Avatars Can Sit with Nice Poses
Bedroom Animations
Front Lounge Animations
Pool/jacuzzi Animations
+Passanger Sittings

More Details !!

1- Animation System for COUPLES ! Avsitter system do not need pose balls,
when somebody driving this yacht , you can use animations with partner!
For use --> Please left click on the '' SIT TARGET '' --- only LEFT click where you want sit .

2- Newest Driving Methods like Cruise Mode ! Easy Driving
For drive --> Sit on steering wheel.
(For help: Aymec Millet and Search87 Resident)

3- This yacht MOD and COPY.

4- You can change Yacht name/textures, flag and more !
You can upload your .PNG texture and Flag texture. Also we will help you too with full support !
Zoom to flag or name , drag texture from inventory !

6- You can adjust poses! Some customers adding poses:) You need know '' avsitter system ''

7- Drive System ---> OWNER / Everyone ( LOCK/UNLOCK ) --- Left click on steering wheel and get menu for access.
Doors ---> Owner / Group / Everyone --- Hold Shift + Slide Mouse Left button on door and get menu for access.

8- No Wearable parts ! Drive and use directly ! (NO ATTACHEMENTS)
This boat 32 meters .
But this model directly drivable. Do not need wear anything on your avatar. Drivable with furnitures !!

9- This model have extra garage @back side.
Left Click to garage doors, you will get jetski with sliding system.
Left click on jetski and ready for drive !!
For Drive ---> Mouse Left Click Button on steering wheel.

10- If you want use animations or passanger seats, please left click to sit targets.
When your mouse on sit target, you will see chair icon @viewer.
Left click on chair icon for use animations.
More info: Aymec Millet / Search87 Resident

11- BBX Yacht Camera Hud ---> wear and click for change cam position. Easy Use ;
(Click on hud for change camera position).


• Realistic and elegant new style sport & luxury yacht ! ---> *** TATY ***


• WHITE Edition

• New Animations Included, forget all pose balls! This yacht have avsitter positioner system.
Couple animation zone.
Lounge ( yacht front ) + Bedroom + Jacuzzi
Left parts for men, right parts for women -- sit correctly please --
Full Support - Aymec Millet and Search87 Resident

• Access Control DRIVING (Lock / Unlock) and DOORS (Owner/Group/Everyone)

• Realistic Waves & Motor Sounds !

• Lockable Doors !

• ELEGANCE BEDROOM with HighQuality Animations !

• TATY Yacht : 22 avatars can sit when someone drive !

• Television/Internet Screen --- @ Cockpits 2+2 = 4 screen internet

DRIVING SYSTEM - How Can I drive This Yacht - ? -

1- Drag yacht on the sea.
2- if you want drive , please sit to center of ' Steering Wheel '
3- 6 gears + - 1 reverse -
4- page up + page down - for gears
5- cruise mode always automatic - press to arrow buttons on keyboard for cruise -
6- if you need more speed , press and leave your finger , and again do it !

Cruise Mode ---> When you press to arrow buttons, it will go softly... More Press --> More Speed
Need practice, for more info - IM Aymec Millet & Search87 Resident

More Features

• Ultra High Detailed Parts, Textures & Realistic Shadows and Lights !!

• Have Realistic Seats + Cockpit + Lounge with animations.

• Permission: Copy - Modify - No Transfer

• Prims: 103(Land Impact)
• Sizes: 32x10

= Furnished Luxury Yachts =

Special Edition for 3D YEARS of BBX YACHTS

* * Custom Change Available --- FULL SUPPORT ----> Aymec Millet & Search87 Resident

Marketplace store link
IM or NOTECARD please : Aymec Millet

Feel Free for ask US:)
Thank you - Build boX - BBX Design - BBX Yachts

Veja o item no Second Life ®



  • HD quality
  • Low Prim
  • Luxury
  • Realistic
  • by BBX Team

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Thanks for the holiday!!

Postado(s) 16/03/2020 por DoctorXXY 5 estrelas

The yacht is magnificent!!! Thank you for your attitude to your business!! Good luck in your creative work!!! My wife is delighted!!


Postado(s) 23/09/2019 por mirellaang 5 estrelas

Es facil de manejar (algun comentario dice q no, pero no le he visto dificultad) No he tenido problema con los comandos, el avi se coloca en el sitio adecuado. Lindo diseño, con buenas animaciones, para vivir esta genial, para navegar tambien. Algun problemilla con algun cruce de sim pero nada fatal. Es buena compra y con rebaja xD


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