{ACD} Pretty Princess Activity Set (Children) (Mesh/Materials)

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*I cannot stress enough how important it is to come inworld to see & try the ENTIRE demo to make sure you know exactly what you're getting & if it works for you or not.

I just loveeee cute things & I loved being a Princess when I was younger, so this set is way overdue for all my lil customers. You get a bunch of really cute items to decorate & play with. There are 44 animations in the chair, everything from coloring, building with blocks, playing with play dough & dolls, dancing around or just hanging out with your friends sipping tea with the cutest little custom tea animation made especially for all the lil Anam Cara Princesses!

Experience Enabled
45 LI (Props that rezz will add up to 8 additional LI)

Pretty Princess Block Decor: 8 LI

Princess Prissy & Macaroon Pile Linked: 7 LI (lower LI when you use the linked, but I added unlinked as well so you have the option.)

Rose Tea Set: 4 LI

Shelf with frames: 3 LI (Drag a photo from your inventory & drop on the Anam Cara Logo)

Prince Petitfour: 3 LI

Princess Chair: 2 LI

Princess Table: 1 LI

Princess Sophi: 2 LI

Mrs. Cuddles: 2 LI

Squishles The Dino: 1 LI

Diet Macaroons: 2 LI

I'm throwing in the frame I made to use in my little girls room, I hope you like it!
Once upon A Time Frame: 2 LI

*Prop Textures: Tea cup has 24 foam designs from paw prints, to hearts, to leaves and more.

*There are no pose balls, just right click & sit to get animation menu.

*The item(s) is experience enabled, see accompanying note card for instructions. Basically, in this case a prop from a piece of furniture will be able to automatically attach to you, but only if YOU agree to it & it only takes allowing it once, it helps make things more immersive. See accompanying note card for instructions on how to set it up.

*This item(s) uses the materials feature. You need to enable Local Lights & the Advanced Lighting Model in your SL graphics settings & have a light source nearby like a lamp or fire that throws off light. Please make sure to enable those settings, if you don't & the item doesn't look like the photo's it's because of that, not because of a problem with the item(s). Items can be seen & tested in world.

*Changing the size of mesh can impact the amount of prims it takes up and will also mess up animation positions.

*There are teleport pads located on the ground in every area of the store to help you get around quickly. Just sit & choose location from drop down menu. Link to store is down below.

See you on the grid,

Stormm Firecaster

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Pretty and fun!

Postado(s) 21/04/2016 por Eden Serin 5 estrelas

oh my gosh this set is soooo pretty. Lotsa stuff to play with and stuffed friends to prop up in all the chairs for a tea party. I can color and build wiff blocks and play wiff a stuffed bear and doll and unicorn...0.0 UNICORN! I hads to have it. I loves this set very muchly.

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