Advanced Tip Jar / Donation Tip Jar w/Commission Versão 2.4

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Been looking for an Advanced Tip Jar that doesn't lag out your Club/Business? Need one with member-only or public access? Do you want to collect commission from tips or give them all away? How about the ability to split the remainder of a tip with as many avatars as you want? Do you want the option of displaying the avatar's profile picture OR any picture of your choice? Want to show YOUR club's logo when no one is logged in? Then this tip jar is what you've been looking for.



===== FEATURES =====

⇢ Keep ALL Tips OR Divide Them!!
⇢ Personalize the Jar by Adding YOUR Own Club/Business Logo!
⇢ Auto Log-Out when Users Leave the SIM
⇢ Kick Option for Owners and Managers to "Kick" UNWANTED Users!
⇢ Managers Can Kick Other Managers
⇢ Dialog menus for Owners, Managers, AND Users!!
⇢ GREAT for clubs OR as donation jars!
⇢ FREE Updates for LIFE!!


➔ Manuals:
➔ MP Store:
➔ YouTube:

** If you have questions or need assistance, contact Lastat Daxter. If you've purchased this item, please review it **



  • Public, Group, Manager, or Owner ONLY Access!
  • Managers and Owners Can "Kick" Users Out
  • Auto Log-Out if User Leaves the SIM!
  • Give Employees Percentage, Owner Keeps the Rest!!
  • Add YOUR Own Club/Business Logo!

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Postado(s) 25/09/2011 por DrunkenBastard 5 estrelas

Love it!

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Not Fully Modifiable

Postado(s) 10/07/2011 por Bahamut Furse 3 estrelas

The item works as intended, but only the -prim- is modifiable. Not the scripts or any other part. Be wary if you were planning on purchasing this item to disassemble it, it would not be a good investment. A refund request was sent by me and am waiting for agreement or denial.

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