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We're always looking to satisfy unique markets and interests, and that's why this locker room football hunk / jock deserves all the attention he can get!

With support for Adam, AEsthetic, Belleza, Gianni, Slink, & TMP this outfit is bound to impress!

The briefs are SCRIPTED! Just click and go! And includes a complete custom texture and access menu so that way you can allow others to play with them too!

The briefs are AEROS AND PSIcorp compatible!!! That's right folks, they'll automatically whip your junk out even! How cool is that!?

You just looking for some g-rated gear? Look no fruther! This set can easily be used without the briefs, or you can simply set the access of the briefs to "Owner Only" or even remove the script entirely! Or wear it without the boxers completely! Just attach the shoulder pads and helmet and you're off and running!


The helmet, once you've removed the resizer script, will allow you to raise, lower, or remove the faceguard entirely so this is compatible with ANY AVATAR EVER!

Seriously get it. You will not regret it!

(Some modding of your hair may be necessary to make it work with the helmet. This can not be helped.)

NOTE: The scripts are NO MOD, NO TRANS.
Unlike most creators, I have nothing to hide... That's why everything else should be full modify, so you can go right ahead and customize to you're heart's content!

ALSO NOTE: Though this mod has briefs intended for a male, the scripted helmet and pads is by no means male-specific and can be used by any woman.

By popular demand, full perm textures are included for the shoulder pads AND helmet so you can customize or change the texture if you wish! If you've already purchased this product, simply click "redeliver" to get your update! Or visit the in-world store and use the updater!

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  • Compatible with all major mesh body brands!
  • Texture Choices!
  • XYZ Multi-Axis Resizers
  • Quality Mesh
  • Awesomeness (No Extra Charge)

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Great for pics...

Postado(s) 19/11/2019 por Chaos Alpha 3 estrelas

Great looking American Football shoulder pads. Like other reviews, I wish you could change the texture of the pads. And, being unrigged mesh, your arms will poke through the mesh at the shoulders if you raise them, say...if you're catching a football or throwing one. It would be nice to have them work with your arms movement, but it is what it is.

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Looks great, just not that customize-able

Postado(s) 28/03/2019 por ShadowWolf Lane 4 estrelas

The Shoulder pads look really nice, but are all one piece, which makes adjusting to look right a bit difficult either the straps stick through the sides or the shoulders are to spread out. Also the pads are all one texture face so you can't hide parts that are issues or recolor. The pads have textures in them, but are no trans so you can't export them to edit. The listing says Version 1.0 so maybe there will be an update. But otherwise some great looking pads good for photos.

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