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Ultra realistic lace-up booties in with a 20 cm / 8 inch semi wedge heel and 5cm / 2 inch covered platform. The BAX Booties line features a combination of different textures and colors on each model for a unique and extravagant look.

Black suede lower and heel, silver metal trim and upper part. Upper part covered with lace.

The built-in custom resizer menu makes fitting them to your feet a snap. These combine great with plain or patterned hose or worn under long pants. The bows can be hidden with the menu to keep them from sticking out. Only one script per boot to keep your memory usage down - scripts can also be removed. Alpha mask & Invisiprim supported.

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  • Scripted resize, Scripts removeable
  • Full Viewer 2/Alpha Mask support, Viewer 1 invisiprims also supported

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full star full star full star full star full star Postado(s) 02/01/2013 por RaeBoleyn

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE OF FAVORITES FOR DRESSY OR CASUAL!!! I love how these can be dressed up or down and they go with absolutely everything in case yer wondering!!! I know the price seems steep and these are the most expensive I'd ever go for shoes, but they are well worth the price. I now have every single color combo of BAX BOOTIES that are available for this Avie and I've got almost all of em for my Alter Avie too....Yes, it's an investment, but the deal is, I hardly use any of the other shoes/boots I've invested in over the year/s I've been in SL. Once I found BAX and thankfully, that was pretty much right off, I was hooked. I wanted something SPECIAL. I wanted shoes that expressed my RL personality. I'm not one way in SL and another way in RL. I'm pretty much: what you see/hear is what you I appreciate being able to rock a look I'd rock in RL even while I'm in SL! I love the use of color/metallics/trims Bax & Co. uses in this line of shoes and I adore their new hose/leggings line that has animal print leggings in short or long lengths. I especially like how they look with my bax booties (just go see the pics and you'll know what I's a super HOT look and again, one that can be dressed up or down.) I wear my leggings with my Bax Booties and I apply a pair of my ripped to hell and back jeans on top of the leggings. You know, a pair of jeans that only has the one leg and the arse ripped out mostly I can rock all my tatts which can be seen through some of the hose/leggings and the hose/leggings look cool and keep my modesty in check, lol, too....with the ripped to hell and back jeans! awesome, huh, lol? IT'S ALL SO MUCH FUN!!! WELL...STOP READING AND START BUYING, LOL, AND PEOPLE CAN BEG YOU FOR WHERE YOU GOT YOUR COOL SHOES, SEXY LEGGINGS, ICE SKATES, BOOTS, ETC. IT'S TIME YOU BECAME A MAJOR FAN OF BAX BOOTIES TOO, LOL!!! YOU WON'T LOOK BACK, LOL!!! & OMG! OMG! OMG!, THE COMPLIMENTS YOU'LL GET, OH WOW DE WOW WOW...TEE HEE!!!

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full star full star full star full star full star Postado(s) 18/08/2012 por Keeley MacMoragh

These are perfect little shoes. I was a bit worried paying the amount in case they were rubbish but they are worth the price!
They fit perfectly and I fell in love with these! They go well with every outfit

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