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A bundle of 42 door textures brought to you by SYMPTOMATIC! Designs. All FULL PERM.

The following include transparent window panes: 001, 002, 003, 004, 013, 014, 016, 017, 018, 019, 020, 021, 022, 041, and 042.

**Textures in this package are marked as copy/mod/trans which means you can use them in any of your residential and/or commercial builds. However they can not be resold as textures alone or in any freebie packages.**

Also I'd like to share with you that these are not just jacked images uploaded onto to SL and thrown onto SLX. It blows my mind that people actually do that. These textures are cut, painted, filtered, twisted, layered, and bent about by me personally so I can offer you the very best textures out there. I can assure you that these are the highest quality in comparison to my competitors, not to mention also the lowest in price.



  • Seamless Textures.
  • Highly Detailed.
  • Transparent Window Panes.

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Low resolution

Postado(s) 02/10/2018 por OMGWTFi 3 estrelas

They are quite low resolution. Design is fine. They are generally just that: fine; but I won't really ever use them.

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Fair enough

Postado(s) 07/10/2015 por Merlin Saxondale 3 estrelas

Sorry I am going to be a bit critical despite other reviews being very good. There is no doubt that this package is good value, because even if there is one you can use it is reasonable to pay L50 for a great texture. BUT... many of these textures are not useful to ME. If a door is going to have a window, then please... this is 2015, the days of mesh... please let it be transparent. Some are, some are not. I would prefer to have seen more without windows at all. The selection is quite diverse. Some have painted-on handles which might be OK if you really want to save prims, but I would prefer not to have it. I think this collection is a bit old fashoned. So '2010'.
Having said all that I was shocked to see one place who specializes in just this... Textures and Doors, (or is it the other way round... I am not mentioning any names). THEY are charging more than this whole collection for just one door texture, so it depends what you compare it to.

Doors are a bit different from most things because they have to be openable (preferably), so a basic mesh door might not be suitable, and doors are easy to implement with a prim and a texture, so really, with a good texture you have a pretty good door.

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