Bands of Cypher Game I - "The Guardian Tribes" You'll be Instantly Hooked! Adorable Yumi Pets -NO FOOD

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This is an adorable game involving fun with pets and puzzles, achievements and rewards. NO FOOD is needed for the pets. Why not give it a try??

►► - This Pack includes:
.............• Game Portal I
.............• Crystal Crafting Artifact

--- The Story: The Portal to Another World ---
Bands of Cypher is a popular fantasy based game. Open portals to another dimension and rescue adorable
'Nether beings' from a collapsing world. The secret is in the art of opening the portal. It is an engaging puzzle
but once you learn the ways to open the portal, an adorable Yumi may appear in your world!

Based on an upcoming Novel by C.J. Revnik, this game has captured the hearts of thousands of fans across the grid!

◈ LIVE Discovery Twitter Feeds
◈ LIVE Achievement Tracking with REWARDS
◈ Online Leaderboards
◈ CONVERT Yumies to 1 Prim Crystal Forms and NO FOOD NEEDED to survive.
◈ Hundreds of new genetic traits to discover
◈ Discover hidden species, colorful and mystical traits that will simply amaze you.
◈ Yumies make great shoulder pets

◈ Earn Cypher Tokens as you play the game and win amazing rewards from the Token Reward Store! This game is a lot of fun -- you can play for recreation or you can play for achievements or you can establish your own Yumi business.

--- FAQ ---
• Do I have to keep feeding the Pets?
Nope! \o/ Yay!!
A Yumi is intelligent, self sufficient and does NOT need food. It derives its functional energy from the elements.

• Where do I get help to solve the puzzles?
Check out our detailed userguide at and connect with several fans on facebook.

What kind of genetic traits do they have?
• Over 30 Million combinations of very beautiful custom created genetic traits including Skin Coats, Eyes, Hair, Bio-luminescence, Wings and Wing Colors. Every discovery will simply amaze you!

• Is it a breedable?
It's better! It's a rescue operation and a skill based game. Use your puzzle skills to open up a portal and rescue various tribes of beautiful nether creatures called Yumies. Each Yumi that comes out of the portal may possess several genetic traits that vary based on the cultural hierarchy of their tribe. If you understand the structure of Yumi tribes, you may be able to locate a specific Yumi with specific traits. Read more on our online user guide.


Bands of Cypher is sponsored by notable Second Life content creator Akaesha Revnik who has enriched the world of Second Life for several years.

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Difficult to figure out...but fun once figured it out

Postado(s) 18/11/2012 por Aerie Atheria 3 estrelas

I had a really hard time understanding the game... and it took me and a friend to decipher the rules on the notecard and website. but in general it was ok... after we got the game to turn green and make a portal, we lost "charges" and couldn't understand how to get more... overall though its entertaining

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Postado(s) 14/07/2012 por Rala Huckleberry 5 estrelas

Wow............bought it yesterday and bought anotherone today , because I don't want to wait to play again :-).....It IS resolvable the puzzle!!! I did it 6 times now and have 3 Yumies......not bad for beginning the game :-)) You just need some patience, some logic and some feeling....and the luck to find a Yumi behind the portal when it opens....It is wonderful, relaxing and really addictive. I think I will have to get a habitat ;-)) Thanks for this awesome puzzle!!

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Yumi Pets, Puzzles, Breedables, Combat Systems and More
Yumi Pets, Puzzles, Breedables, Combat Systems and More
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