Beach environmental pack OFFER: Waves "Sound Of Nature!" Versão 2013

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⚫ For $ 1 L :) The entire sound design of REAL WAVES SIMs ( our main stores selling ocean waves, beach waves, palm trees, sculpted rocks, outdoor decoration , beach and garden furniture )

⚫ THE ORIGINAL, by Antreas Alter, not a copy-replica on sale here for $50+ ...oh dear! :))

⚫ THE FULL pack, also including forest, bird, night sounds. New seagull and water sounds added (update).

⚫ AUTOMATIC sound-machines in this pack! - Although just 1L "freebie" it includes 4 different scripted devices: Each one will randomly mix DIFFERENT environmental sounds, creating the most realistic sound-scape for your land.

⚫ REZ AND FORGET solution, all configured for your convenience. Just drop on the land and enjoy the true sound of nature

We sell mainly 1-prim waves, the most realistic waves you have seen and in JUST 1 prim :)
BUT, its not good to turn sound on in all shore waves, as most people will need to rez a LOT of waves, and a decent sound scape advanced script if rezzed a LOT of times (one with every wave), WILL increase lag. ( Especially in homestead sims, or heavily loaded sims). Not needed to have 30 sound emitters if you have 30 waves rezzed, right? ;) Drop just 2 - 3 of our sound-scape creation devices and you have the perfect feeling with ZERO lag :))

YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT YOU NEED: Box includes 4 different sound machines. They are placed inside tiny one-prim sculpted flowers, you JUST rez some of the flowers on your land, hide them under a rock or up in the sky, and that's it. Script inside, will randomly mix included sounds, giving you the result you like best, depending on the type of sound machines you rez. A good idea is to rez a couple of waves sound machines near your beach shore line, AND combine with a couple more with forest nature sounds rezzed at the center of your land , far form the beach ( at least this is the logic we followed when we designed the sound-scape of our own sim ) All up to you, 4 different types inside to have fun with, trying combinations :))

► Note: At night time, sounds are different. If at time you rez for first time just to hear effects of each one is NIGHT ( SL time ) , don't be ...disappointed :) At day time, waves are more intense, ( depending on which machine you try ) and forest/nature sounds are more ...alive lol

We do have listed in Marketplace several of our products. But, its far better than static photos, so see all REAL waves and Prim Magic designs inworld at our main store: CLICK the LINK below to Visit Real Waves Main Store ( 4 SIMs )

You can hear there all sounds, distributed across the sim in the logic i explained above - no mystery ...secret about how to decide which goes where for optimum result, AND you can study examples , live , in our sim inworld ;)
And who knows you may decide to switch from your old ...plastic-looking waves that spin silly , to REAL ...and -God forbid- even save yourself a lot of prims too !! :D lol ;)

♥ FREEBIE does not mean poor-quality sounds or laggy script ;)
You get TOP class professional sounds to use on your land
More than that, its all pre-configured and fine tuned :) Just rez and forget!


Thank you!! :)

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  • The entire soundscape of REAL WAVES sim
  • Now FREE
  • The original by Antreas Alter
  • Day-Night cycle automated
  • Variety to fit YOUR needs

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me encanta

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me encanto se ve muy realista

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Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs
Real Waves Tropical Beach foam landscaping & Neon lights signs
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