CKit Falconry animesh Arctic Wolf crate (Add or Rez to Unpack) Versão 1.1

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These are friendly animesh Wolves to wear as a companion or rez to wander inside the range you specify. Customize them by changing their coat or eye texture. Rename them and show or hide their name with floating text. 2 sizes are currently included with 2 more coming in the next major update.

The crate includes food and water bowls (1 LI each, they never need refilling and our Common and White Crows will eat from the food bowl). Leave them out for your wandering Wolves to find. Wolves love chasing moving things so if you have other wanderers out, you'll keep them busy! (they especially love following horses... more about that in the future!)

These Wolves are animesh so their land impact is 22 (without animesh checked the small size is 1 LI, the large is 2 LI). Premium members can attach 2 animesh at one time, non-members can attach 1.

The CKF Wolves are currently in development and minor updates will be available through a redelivery from any Caspervend redelivery terminal.

Not yet included but currently working on:

1. Avatar petting animations with additional Wolf animations.
2. Setting the Wolves up to use a cave or sleeping spot.
3. As with most of the CKF critters, they will eventually chase after mice (apparently SL has a terrible rodent problem...).
4. Special object interactions.
5. Wolf communication and pack hierarchy.
6. Additional Coat texture choices.

Any ideas or suggestions are most appreciated! =)

You can see display versions of the Wolves at all 3 in-World shops with just a few animations.


CKit Falconry in-world shops:

Water Horse:
Teegletown Mall:


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  • Animesh with animated basic commands and a pose menu.
  • Add or Rez inworld to wander.
  • Customize by menu (rename, coat texture, eye texture).
  • Several sizes included (2 now, 2 more coming soon).
  • Water and food bowls included (and never need refilling).

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Love this

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They awesome and look great in my zoo

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