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Magic solves everything, even death! Just don't mind the smell, they were like that when I found them...

[CON] Zaifaris' Spellbook is the perfect accessory for a spellcaster of any persuasion, a conveneint spot to store your spells and keep a journal of all your mighty exploits. It's also an original mesh creation with high detail, materials enabled textures that comes in wearable and 1li rezable versions and has a notecard management system built in allowing you to store any information you like inside it. The notecard system comes with an instruction sheet detailing how it can be set to allow anyone, a chosen group or a specific list of avatars access to it via simple text setup.

Great for magic based fantasy roleplay characters, Constraint's Zaifaris Spellbook can be worn at your belt, hanging from a strap or kept locked away in a safe place inside your lair. With the ability to set it up to distribute notecards to a specified selection of people, you can have it filled with incantations that others can check to know what spell you're about to destroy them with, hold your characters information sheet, their biography or containing any other information you want accessible to others!



  • High detail original mesh spellbook to be hung at the waist or put on display
  • Materials enabled textures with realistic details
  • Includes worn version with chain to hang from and 1li rezable version
  • Includes a notecard sharing system for spell information, character sheets etc.
  • Notecard sharing system allows public, group or list access

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