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Rigged hair DEMO

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Postado(s) 03/09/2015 por Lydian Hancroft 4 estrelas

This hair is beautiful front and back, but from the side it looks a bit odd. If it were closer to my avatars back I wouldn't hesitate to buy this, but now I have to think about it for a while. I have no idea how hair is made, but if it could just be tweaked a little it would be sooo perfect.

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Both previous reviewers are correct

Postado(s) 18/05/2015 por Nalirra Rosewood 4 estrelas

Actually this is a great hair. love the beachy waves. In the back it DOES have a pretty decent sized gap between the avatar and the hair...but that really doesn't make it any less lovely. Great color combos. Also there are 4 included versions. It appears that one is a regular version, and another says "part" on it, and then there are larger breast versions of both of those, but there seems to be no difference at all between this regular version and the part version so there are 4 variations but really only 2 since the part versions are seemingly identical to the regular versions??? (I tested this out with side-by-side comparison images in photoshop...unless I'm blind there's no difference). I did buy the full version of this hair after trying the demo and I don't regret it.

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