Christmas Window Box, Mesh, .5 Land Impact

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Mesh Window Flower Box of Evergreens and Ornaments. made up of pine, pine cones, red berries, red spires and gold, red and green ornaments.

ONE PRIM! But it gets even better! the actual LI .5 so two flower boxes can be linked tougher and still be only ONE PRIM.

Saves dozens of prims over conventional window boxes.

Copy /Mod so you can make a set on the scale you need.
I started landscaping on a history sim where 1/3 of the prims are reserved for tall ships and texture lag can sink a ship. Conserving prims, using low prim items, allows for more role play props to be rezzed. And using high quality, quick loading low lag textures make for convincing detail. Cara Mia Gardens is dedicated to providing the best low prim, low lag landscaping on the grid. After all, a prim saved is a prim earned.

Come see this and many other trees, flowers, and crops in my in-world garden.

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Very Nice

Postado(s) 07/11/2015 por SunnyJD 5 estrelas

This is very large when you rezz it but the wonderful thing is, you can shrink it (in edit). The colors and detail are very good. I thought maybe it was going to be kind of cheap looking but far from it. Very well made and worth the lindens. I rezzed 3 for my front porch and it looks great thank you so much Botanica for making a quality product. HI5


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