DEMO: Petites Female, tiny mesh avatars + Fallen Gods Inc. Versão 1.1

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How to wear the Demo:
1. Take off all your attachments
2. Wear the system parts: Paper skin, Alpha, Shape
3. Wear the Body and Head
4. Wear Eyes
5. Wear the Texture HUD to check the various skin packs
6. Additionally wear Yabusaka HUDS for effects, tinting the skin bases and outfitting utilities.
7. Enjoy your Petite :)

Each Petite Avatar Collection comes with different skintone options. Please see the images on the final products for descriptions of the included skintones in each set.

Also included in the DEMO package is a notecard with helpful information about Fallen Gods Inc. Petites. We highly encourage you to READ this notecard before making a purchase. Also if you have QUESTIONS, please ask Sonya Marmurek in world BEFORE making a purchase.

Finally please understand these are MESH avatars. That means that you will be wearing them ontop of your regular shape. You must have a MESH enabled viewer to see the avatar. Trying the demo will ensure you will be able to wear and see the final product.

Questions? IM or Notecard Sonya Marmurek inworld.

HAIR pictured above: Sold separately by Wasabi.

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The only hard part is choosing which one you want!

Postado(s) 08/11/2014 por Arilai Draegonne 5 estrelas

I wasn't sure about petites until I made a trip here and tried out their demos. I was so sure I was just going to like maybe one if that. Now I'm a bit addicting and can't wait to buy another full set. A huge thank you for this wonderful creation. The details are amazing, as always with fallen gods products, the options make it feel even more personalized, and at the very least the demo is a must try if one is wanting to try out petites.

Love it!

Postado(s) 24/10/2012 por Trin1 5 estrelas

Bought the full version inworld so can only review the demo.
It is great, clothing for it can be cheap or expensive just like all other clothes in sl, you have to shop around.

Only down side is it's no mod so you can't buy the skins some places sell, other than that it's great.


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