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Modular and segmented body with alpha cuts

Detailed HUD

Smooth animations for eyes, jaw, ears tail and fingers
Bento compatible

Full SL version of the avatar included, with full perms skin textures for appliers

Choice of female, male and femboy bodies

Development kit

Recolorable fingers

Mature option included

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Overall Nice But needs Hud Work

Postado(s) 09/07/2018 por AmelliaPomsky 4 estrelas

Hard to navigate the hud and edit small things like hoof color and things of that sort. Seems a bit rushed in the Hud design and not anything like their other HUDs for their avatars. The avatar it self seems well put together however.

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Very nice but rigging problems

Postado(s) 01/09/2017 por WereScrib 3 estrelas

I'm first, only speaking from it as a female avatar. Not sure how it performs as a male or femmeboy. And it boils down to one major problem, breast sliders. The breasts are quite simply, not matching up with any of my default SL made mesh clothing, or my maitreya or Slink mesh clothing--or really any other mesh clothing until the breasts are at about 65% size. Problems get extreme between 20-45% size, often meaning less form covering clothes are unwearable unless you have one of the odd outfits with unrigged breasts, mostly from the early mesh era.

Otherwise, the body is nice, and the legs are just gorgeous. Finally, really, just finally, cloven hooves that look like cloven hooves. They may not be dainty, and I think in many ways they seem more like a ram or faun or goat foot than a deer, but they have decent anatomy, look good on the legs, and are just plane great.

Otherwise the hands are similarly nice. Very tough and sturdy. That may seem like an odd thing to compliment something on, but when the majority of hands in furrydom are either big clunky weird paws, or you go with the ridiculously slender hands available for most female avis, its nice to have something more normal available. The alphas are also decent.

The HUD is decent though I've not tested it with the included head, so I can't comment on the facial expressions. I will update my review if I look it over, I expect they are just fine. The head itself looks great.

Really, if something can be done to make the breast rigging function more like default SL or really, any other rigged body out there, it'd be pure gold in my mind.

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