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Ꮻ Introduction Ꮻ

Jade Leaf Studio's original artwork allows full creative building freedom that opens up endless possibilities for new creations that can be resold in Second Life.

Ꮻ Description Ꮻ

This is the 4th Dragon Statue from Jade Leaf Studio. A Time-Honored Asian Guardian Temple Dragon, it's empowering presence promotes good karma and fortune.

Ꮻ Contents Ꮻ

● Sculpt Version: 19 Prims
● Mesh Version (Grouped) : 10 Land Impact
● Mesh Version (Unlinkable) : 10 Land Impact
● The Mesh version does NOT have a Rezzer.
● The Unlinkable Mesh version can be unlinked much like the sculpt version can be. The Grouped Mesh version has several pieces welded together.
● The Mesh version has materials enabled, you will need to enable 'Advanced Lighting Model' in your preferences to see them. Adding them to the sculpt versions will essentially double the land impact.

Ꮻ Contents Ꮻ

● This package contains both Sculpted and Mesh versions of the same Dragon, with corresponding Mirrored versions.
● Included are Shadow maps, Sculpt maps, UV Maps, and 3 Material Packs ( Stone, Jade & Bronze ) With corresponding Normal and Specular Maps.
● Includes blank Baked Texture pack 'Canvas' for custom texture work.
● The sculpt maps are now sold Full Permissions in connection with the updated EULA allowing transfer to other Grids.
● Rezzers are included only for the sculpted versions. These will re-build the statues listing you as the creator.

Ꮻ Contact Me Ꮻ

● To request the latest version
● If you have any questions at all concerning the product before/after purchase
● If I'm not Online, leave an Offline Private Message.

Ꮻ Terms and Conditions Ꮻ

Please view the Link Below to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) before purchase. None of this product's contents may be resold with both Copy and Transfer permissions.

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  • Ꮻ ● Full Permission Statue Prefab
  • Ꮻ ● All Texture Maps Included
  • Ꮻ ● Rezzers Included
  • Ꮻ ● Mirrored Version Included
  • Ꮻ ● Materials & Mesh Versions Included

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You have to see to appreciate these really

Postado(s) 15/03/2012 por Kitty Greycloak 5 estrelas

I have had some people comment that these are Prim Pigs - but let me tell you, if you have the prims the details are well worth the difference between something of this quality and a 1 prim scupty. If anyone read my 1 star review it was only to get the builders attention as I was having issues (which they responded to very quickly and I could not contact them to SL not allowing access to the profile info). If I can remove it I will because all builders should be this good!


Postado(s) 02/02/2012 por Chasened 5 estrelas

This is just beautiful. The texture is great, and the sculpting is excellent. This is well worth what you pay and more.


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