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Planning to ride Western with the RealHorse mesh horse avatar? Then you need this set of fully functional Western riding systems for the 15.2 breeds of RealHorse avatars, complete with synced horse and rider animations.

This set includes 1 full riding system for the RealHorse 15.2 breeds (Arabian, Cleveland Bay, Quarter Horse) and 1 rezzer-ready riding system you can drop in to your basic riding system rezzer as well as directions for use.

About the Western riding system:
This riding system includes 6 gaits (Western Walk, Western Jog, left lead Canter & right lead western lope (Canter), left lead and right lead Gallops). Each gait also includes a carefully synced rider animation that accurately portrays the leg, seat and arm/hand positions of the western rider, for a total of 15 synced animations. The rider animations will (probably) not work on other breeds of horse because of the knee & leg placement.

Western Walk:

Western Jog:

Western Canter:


Permissions: Scripting and animations are copy/no mod. The riding system vehicle & notecards are copy/mod to allow you to adjust the set to your preference.

*** This set DOES NOT FIT other makes & models of horse. It has been expressly created the RealHorse 15.2 horse breeds using the *Elite Equestrian* rigged mesh Western Saddle. If you have a special shape that changes your horse's height; a different saddle, or a different sized rider avatar, you will need to adapt it to fit you. ***

This riding system WILL NOT work with any other brand of horse. IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY OTHER MAKE OF HORSE.

Not sure if you want or need this? Try before you buy in the Cherry Island region. There is a riding system rezzer in the animation boutique and you can use the riding system there.



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very realistic , awesome find

Postado(s) 05/06/2016 por Luna420 Wylder 5 estrelas

Great for those Wild West roleplay sims. Very realistic. Western is the very first style of riding in real that I learned and showed in. I rode Western for years and years and these gaits are top-notch perfection for the western rider. If you'd like to ride western and even show in western pleasure, this riding system is perfect for you. Thanks to the Elite Equestrian team for their creativeness and dedication,they are the best and you can always feel confident in buying their products.

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