EF-Components: 6 Spoke Wheel Versão v1.0

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Permissions: Full Perms
Land Impact: 2
If Prims: 32
Diameter: 0.4375m (17")

Thank you for your interest in the 6 Spoke Wheel by Artful Hammerer. At the supplied size this has a land impact (LI) of 2, it can be resized, but please be aware the LI can increase with size.

Usage license Full Permission Items:

The component purchased is supplied with full permission for use as a part of your own builds. Please feel free to re-use them as often as you like, but only with permissions changed to a minimum of No Transfer for the next owner.

The components are NOT to be sold or given away as supplied, they must be part of a larger build. This means only the original purchaser can sell builds using these items. Simply - They must not be resold or re-distributed as individual parts.


Artful wants to offer you the best experience he can, to that end, If you require any assistance with items supplied by him, or If you have any (polite) suggestions for improvements to our service, please drop him a Notecard.

Best Wishes, Artful Hammerer

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Vendido por: Artful Hammerer
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