*!* EVE Vanda "slim&pulpy" // complete avi fittedmesh \\ updated-V8.4

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EVE model Vanda

Hello and welcome in EVE adventure ;-)
Eve is the first ever fitted mesh 100% rigged Complete avatar

EVE V8.4 Updated version
What new:

=> V8.4 <=
- Now foot shape (pointy - high - flat )
- More layer ( Fashion - underwear - Tattoo )
- 100 option alpha ( more detailed breast part
- System for save 6 of your alpha preset
- More skin base
- More texture neck-joint
- New system for Specular effect (if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preference)
- New system fo color the specular
- New system For Environment effect
- Color system optimized
- new layer tab function on the HUD with switch masking/blending to debug transparency overlay
- New wardrobe system for save your favorite applier in a same place and mix it easily. (include in the full pack only)
- Replacer system (to send any layer to an author one )

-We have create on other shape foot the "Adaptive-feet" it's a additional foot adapted for wear most shoes as possible proposed on the market. this feet are sell separately at shop in game and the new feet work perfectly with all option of EVE

-New applier fashion for creator with different option (basic and professional version with specular and normal map )
-New applier skin for creator (with more option for create detailed hud)

- Omega system compatible
* If you have already the OMEGA system, you not need to re-purchase
just go to a redelivery terminal.
Redeliverys can be obtained from any caspervend
* If you have NOT purchased the kit yet, you must buy one ^^ to active the new omega system of EVE
What new:
=> v8.3 <=
- Supported by the Omega system! (just add your script EVE Omega)
-75 options alpha ( for better experience with fashion mesh classic)
- compatible hand slink & foot
- hand look better
- neck pro integrate
- better color piker definition with zoom for color your body
- 3 nails sizes integrate
- new head whit better uv experience result
- skin amelioration textures
- specular adjustable of the skin, if you use high configuration lighting mod in you graphics preferences
-Better Hud option clearly and optimized script memory for no lag!

Additional Slim version optimizing for shape creation.
Some Alpha option.
New system neck.
new script system ( uuid of texture crypted ) best security for creator of texture.
New system applier fashion.
Only two body and one head for much simplicity.
New foot
Better specular lighting.
Resolve bug shoes_shape.


For any Help, i do all time new video and i invite you to watch it on my youtube Chanel:
=> https://www.youtube.com/user/gingerchevalier

- EVE are Completely modifiable under appearance mode, she is affected by Physics and sways perfectly in response to her movements
- Hands have nails
- Feet have toes (you can use alpha for worn other foot like Gaeline-Creations or Slink )
- You can use the textures of the classic avatar on EVE. with the designers kit
- Huds in order to customize eyes, lips, nails, skin...

EVE can wear clothing compatible for her. and you can keep your sl avatar head if you like.
follow the evolution of EVE and get news from our talented designers "For Eve Only" or "EVE compatible"

=> http://absolutcreation.fr/eve/

EVE doll-box
2 Complete avatar model (Pulpy & Slim version)
- Shoes from pixelfashion offer ;-)
1 Model of dress for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
- Garter mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
- Underpants for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
- Bra for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
1 Hud for customize fashion
1 Hud for customize EVE
1 shape for example."but you can create your own shape
EVE are Fitted so she is modifiable whit the slider appearance"(just the head are not totally modif)
You can wear easily Shoes, hair, jewelry, flex and other accessories.

i do not respond in game ?! contact me to my Email:

MORE INFO ** http://absolutcreation.fr/eve/

To know all product compatible with EVE Avatar, just enter "Evemesh" in one word in the search

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  • Fitted mesh
  • 100% rigged
  • complet avatar
  • slink compatible foot
  • customise makeup nail skin fashion

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The hard work put into this is amazing, but...

Postado(s) 15/06/2014 por Rivqa 5 estrelas

...I have some things that I could use some help with. The first thing is: the original mesh body (the one without the injector); The skin at first seems fine, but after checking the arms you can see color changes as if the skin was dirty. This made me very insecure, which led me to try the injector body; but then i didn't get the beautifully sculpted nipples. I'm so sad for that, because the breasts (and the vagina and the butt) is my favorite. This body is truly amazing and it seems like you can use most mesh clothes with it too (and even if not, there are lots of EVE friendly clothing makers out there!).

The other concern is the fact that i cant make the body blend with my mesh head (I'm using the Nea head). It's like "even if I try every possible neck thickness and length it still doesn't fit". That makes me super sad, because I really wanna use this body. The detailing is so good!

Miss Ginger; you are truly an amazing designer. I've tried to fix these issues of mine and haven't yet given up, since I'm so determined that this will somehow work out in the end. Please help me. Also; I've bought several chokers to cover up the neck cracks, but its such a big area that not even my biggest choker (which basically is like a neck corset in leather) wont cover it up. I'm so so so sad right now. I'm still gonna rate it 5 stars though. If Ginger would contact me I'd be so happy, because maybe she knows what I can do to fix it. I think the first of my two concerns (the one where I have to choose between good nipples or flawless skin) has the highest priority. I would gladly wear hair + chokers that covers my neck up; it's worth it!


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Best female avatar yet

Postado(s) 09/06/2014 por Marci Summers 5 estrelas

The price may seem scary to some but its really nothing for the amount of effort this creator put into it. A pack of skins used to cost 4000 several years ago. This comes with everything. Before I bought this, I checked out the demo really carefully. The mesh looks natural when sitting and moving. The clothing that came with the outfit fits perfectly. Until now, I haven't been able to find mesh panties that fit. The ones that came with this outfit are perfect along with the bra and dress. The only downfall is that I'm sure many of my old mesh clothes won't fit very well. I am glad to get rid of all body attachments though. Everything looks natural even my woman parts. The hud is nice and includes the ability to add nails on the feet and hands. I did not test the makeup. I am using my a different head so I can not review the makeup or head on this.

I am a short avi, so my only issue was with fitting sizing the my butt. I just think its because I was so short I couldn't get it as small as I was hoping. I can live with a little bit of curves though. I see there is already some clothing that can be purchased for this avatar. I hope the creator continues to create items for this. I am ready to spend money on more clothing now and I'm going to be greedy and hope for some tattoos eventually.

Finally a fitted mesh female avatar. Did I mention boob physics :)

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