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Collage of vintage newspapers.
Promo 1L Only!

- Land impact : 1
- Mesh
- Realistic and subtle wall shadow
- High quality LOD
- High quality texture
- Not in a box / Ready to use

High quality LOD, so it will never disappear from whatever distance, except outside your set draw distance.
If you can't see the canvases when you rez it, that's because the back of the canvases are transparent, so rotate it.

*The artwork used in this piece is in the public domain, and does not infringe any copyright.

Please have your LOD level enabled and set to high or 4 for best viewing.

Step 1. Hold down the ctrl + alt + the letter "d" button.
Step 2. Click Advance located at the top of your screen in-world.
Step 3. Look towards the bottom until you find Debug Settings.
Step 4. Type rendervolumeLODFactor inside the blank space.
Step 5. Erase the default amount.
Step 6, Type 4 and press enter.
Step 7. Steps Completed. Repeat step one to close Advance tool (Optional).

ATTENTION: All sales are FINAL, no refunds or exchanges or send copy to other avatar - if you are buying as GIFT, please make sure to choose the SEND AS GIFT option. Wrong purchases won't be fixed.

UNRECEIVED ITEMS: Leave a message (IM) or send a notecard to Rennorhan Resident to get your purchase redelivered.

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  • Land impact : 1
  • Mesh
  • Realistic and subtle wall shadow
  • High quality LOD
  • High quality texture

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