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A toxic waste version of my exploding drum, with a drum body, ooze, and scraps provided by Aleena Rhiano, who is getting a cut. A fun shooting practice target.

This waste drum explodes from impacts in two stages. It starts off as a sealed drum. Then, in the first stage, the lid pops off, revealing the green ooze. In the second stage, it breaks apart. The required impacts are collisions with a physical object, like a bullet from a gun, or even an AV running into it. Copyable.

You can set it to re-assemble itself after a delay, or "die" for good.

You can set per-stage life (health) and it whispers impact damage amount and remaining life. A very high life value could require many impacts, while a low value can cause things like chain reactions when debris hits a drum.

You can also change the text above the drum (or make it blank).

6 prims, plus it temp-rezzes about 10 pieces of debris.

Free automatic updates! When rezzed, the drum automatically requests any available updates from an update server (at most once per day).

NOTE: The explosions effects work best when you're not already surrounded by particles or clouds or experiencing sim or network lag. Particle effects also depend on client settings.

The recommended (and default) re-assembly time is 60 seconds, to match the time for temp-rez objects to vanish.


/9 reset resets parameters and makes a hidden drum appear
/9 time1 <seconds> sets time for stage 1 auto-reset (when burning)
/9 time2 <seconds> sets time for stage 2 auto-reset (post-explosion)
/9 time2 0 makes drum die forever after exploded
/9 title <title> sets text that hovers above the drum,
/9 title for blank (no) title
/9 life <number> set damage required for reaction (per stage)

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Postado(s) 09/03/2014 por HeatherCharms 5 estrelas

Beautiful, fun and amazing effects!


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