Eclectica Curiosities-50's Koolinator Fridge

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.This fridge is copy and mod friendly, (excluding scripts). It is original mesh, unique to Eclectica, made with love by Tiffy Vella, who adores old vintagey stuff , 3D modeling and texturing.

Please always edit a copy of your item. Keep a backup version in your inventory. I will happily send you a new version if you mess one up.

You are able to resize this fridge to suit your needs using the edit menu, even when an item appears no-mod. It is 2m tall out of the box.

You are also able to use the edit menu to tint surfaces. I create the textures to have a certain degree of realism, but want you to be able to tweak them if you need to suit your decor. I recommend that you use "Select Face" in the edit menu to avoid tinting the entire piece. If you wish to have a baby blue fridge to match your 50's pastel kitchen, you can do this. The original colour is an off-white, and you may tint it to match any of the Eclectica Curiosities Midcentury Kitchen sets.

Each pack includes two fridges, one opening from the right and one from the left. Use whichever suits your kitchen layout, or be fancy and have two!

The fridge is animated to allow you to interact with it. These animations can be adjusted to suit your avatar height. Follow directions from the dialog box.

If you click on the fridge, you can "sit" on it and be animated. There are 5 options.
You may cool yourself while planning dinner, browse through the fridge, stand and drink milk straight from the pint bottle (tut tut), clean up spilt sauce or eat chicken straight from the shelf. Accessories will spawn as needed. You may have to give the fridge permission to attach objects to your hands the first time you use it, so watch for any pop-ups on your screen asking permission.

If you do not wish to accidentally be animated by the fridge while clicking round your kitchen, then edit it, and on the general page change "click to: sit on object" to "click to: touch".

Individual faces for tinting are-

Fridge body-
main outer enamel, outer chrome details (hinges), enamel on inner logo, interior plastic, interior chrome details, sauce bottle, jam jars, jug, jelly, plastic containers

Fridge door-
main outer enamel, outer chrome details(handle and logo), enamel on logo, interior plastic, interior chrome details, juice cartons, milk bottles, sauce

There is a shadow prim underneath the fridge. If you do not need this, you may unlink and delete it from a copy. It will not affect the functioning of the fridge.

There is also an invisible prim inside which emits projected lighting, allowing realistic shadows when the door is opened. To appreciate this effect, turn on "sun, moon and projectors" under "shadows" in your graphics settings. This prim can be edited or removed if you like. (Tip: control+alt+T toggles view transparency.)

Land impact = 6 at 2m tall.

You may see and test this item at the Eclectica Mainstore, Sinaburoe. If you need assistance, please contact me (Tiffy Vella) via IM, as I may be able to help you even when not inworld.

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  • Original, copy and mod mesh.
  • Bento animations with auto-rezzing accessories.
  • Left and right opening versions included.
  • Editable light source.
  • LI = 6.

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Fantastic Fridge.

Postado(s) 29/01/2021 por ionatastic 5 estrelas

Love this Fridge, Just like Grandmum used to have and at a price you'll adore.
Looks Fantastic and you get both a Left or Right opening door to suit your Kitchen.
Well worth the L$.

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Vendido por: Tiffy Vella
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This item requires that you have access to land in Second Life in order to use it.

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