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Quality vintage mesh shoes, jewellery and accessories, virtually handcrafted with love. These masks are copyable and modifiable and are unscripted. They are original mesh creations, unique to Eclectica, and no templates are used.

The 'Venezia' range is a theatrically-themed set of headpieces, collars and shoes, inspired by the textures and colours of Venice. They are muted, aged, and richly textured. They are perfect for the stage, or perhaps the opera, a burlesque revue, or to inspire a haute couture outfit.

These masks are unscripted, and have a land impact of 13 with feathers, and 1 without feathers, making them very kind to the virtual environment.

There are two variations per colour (because I was having fun in photoshop, and couldn't decide). Each mask has a smooth version, and a wrinkled, bit more aged, version.

Each mask also comes with feathers attached, or without. There is also a separate feathery layer that you can add to the mask while it's being worn, if you would like to be able to lose them without removing the mask.

These headpieces are unrigged mesh, so you will still be able to adjust position and size if necessary while wearing them.

If needed, you may also resize manually using the edit menu.

All pieces are also copy/mod friendly, so you are able to tint the items a little to help with colour matching. The piping, metal, and gems are all separate and neutrally textured, so you may recolour them to whatever you desire. The colours are designed to be made deeper, richer, or brighter, as you desire. Be creative :)

The feathers may be recoloured to whatever you prefer in an emergency, but I have kept them black to avoid alpha fighting.

The textures in these masks are enhanced with materials. Please turn on the "advanced lighting model" in your graphics preferences to see the effect.

There are 6 colours available, plus matching 'Venezia' stiletto shoes and collars. Please scroll down to "related items" to see more.

A demo pack is available instore to help you check colours, quality and fit.

If you wish to see more, just visit the Eclectica shop in Sinaburoe, or IM Tiffy Vella inworld with any queries.

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  • A unique mesh creation by an original artist.
  • Two versions per pack.
  • Friendly permissions.
  • Materials enhanced.
  • Unscripted.

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