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MALified Vampirella Peep-Toe Heels (Black) - only for Maitreya Lara!

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2 piece Peep-Toe Left & Right Heels (materials enabled)

Fitted for: Maitreya Lara (Heels contain optional Foot Select for Maitreya 5)

Copy | Mod | No Transfer

DEMOS: are the same as the full version with the exception that each item is No Modify and has a rigged DEMO sign above.

✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰


Remove Scripts? you sure can, each of the Heels are modifiable and contain the Maitreya "Auto Feet Select" script. Feel free to rez and remove from each Heel in order to manually hide & choose your feet height.

I hope you enjoy and don't forget to always make a backup first!

✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰

PERMISSIONS: All my items are sold with Copy / Modify / NO Transfer permissions with the exception of NO Mod for Demo items and *Scripts.

*SCRIPTS: Items will appear as No Modify in inventory because they contain a No Modify Script. I'm not a scripter so I provide commercically licensed scripts to create functionality. To check permissions: Rez the item, delete the script and take back to inventory. The new item will now appear as Copy / Modify / No Transfer in your inventory.

MODIFY: Each of my non-demo items can be renamed, rezzed, tinted, add full bright & glow, make it semi-transparent or masked, remove materials or tweak them, link them to other items, re-script or remove etc... Sadly, I don't have the time to teach you or support your modifications but there is a wealth of information and tutorials to search for. Just remember to always make a backup copy first!

MODIFY LIMITATIONS: Although my items themselves are sold with Modify permissions, this doesn't mean that you will be able to resize/reposition rigged items or re-texture them. For this you would need the downloadable UV/AO/Light/Normal/Specular Maps and most likely PSD/DAE files too. This is not part of your purchase, if you require this function - best to search for FULL PERM items on Marketplace.

All items are sold as NO Transfer (non-returnable). I don't want to offend by refusing to exchange or refund so please always try a Demo first.

✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰

MALified items are fitted specifically for ONLY the named Mesh Bodies in the title. They are Low Li with Low Display Weight and will react to some of your shape sliders to increase and decrease size. When combined with a physics layer, the clothing will move together with your Breasts and Bum.

All product pics are taken in SL. The shadows and lighting are baked into the texture and advanced lighting users will additionally enjoy extra realism from Materials (the normal and specular maps) that are created for each individual MALified item.

Always right click the item you wish to wear and choose "Add" not "Wear" (this means it will add the item to your avatar instead of replacing an item you may be wearing - it avoids losing your head, hair, hands or body)

Non-Rigged items are marked as "Resize" and allow you to edit the position on your avatar. Upon touch a menu will pop-up that allows you to resize and stretch the item in ways that may be more difficult to achieve without a script. Of course you can also manually position and resize Modifiable items.

NOTE: The script is No Mod but there is also a delete option on the menu to remove the script or Simply rez the item on the ground and delete the script from the contents tab. Then take back to inventory and the item will now show as Copy / Modify / NO transfer. Remember to always make a backup first!

MALified items may contain an auto-hide script to save you time clicking each slice on your HUD. Forgive me if It's not always the perfect way you may want the slices to be. To choose your own or reset between wears, simply press "show all" on your Alpha HUD. To remove the auto-hide function or replace with your own, simply rez the item on the ground and delete the script from the contents tab. Then take back to inventory and the item will now show as Copy / Modify / NO Transfer.

✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰✰ ✰

Although my IM's might get capped - I do prefer them and most will come through to my email address so I can respond while offline. But to be sure - why not do both? send me an IM and also copy the convo to a notecard and drop it to me. Hopefully then I can offer you great service and respond promply (usually within 24hrs).

Visit my MarketPlace for more great items and demos:
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MALified for Maitreya
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