Faire Wizard's Wand + Spells

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The wand is very simple to use. Simply wear both the WAND and the HUD. The HUD should go on your top right, the Wand to your right hand. The positions are already set, so you can simply click "WEAR" for both.

The spells can be cast by clicking your HUD buttons. If you wish to remove a spell from the world, click "Dispel Magic".

The first button (Sparks) is a spell that is for effect only. Suitable for a roleplay game.

The second button (Magic Blast) emmits a sparkling blast of energy in the direction you are facing. This will effect any combat meters.

The third button (Light) will create a small globe of energy above your head that will shed light in a 15m radius. It emits a soothing magical sound and will follow you until you dispel it.

The fourth button (Mist) creates just that; A cloud of mist over your avatar. Useful for effect or to preceed a TP out of the area. It will last a minute unless you dispel it earlier.

The final button (Dispel) will remove any spell effects within 100m.

I hope you enjoy the product.

The FULL features wand (or wand alternative 'rings') with sixteen spells is only 29 lindons and can be bought on the Marketplace store or in world at the Magik Shoppe.



  • HUD opperated
  • Casting gestures, sounds and particle effects

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Great fun

Postado(s) 09/04/2021 por RibwortPlantain 5 estrelas

zapping baddies

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Postado(s) 17/06/2019 por Windsummer 5 estrelas

Beautiful, nice spells.

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