Gaagii [BOXED] Furry Gathering Circle =touch to extract content

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Welcome to Gaagii Creations*
Thank you for your interest in this item.

We present to you the Furry Village Gathering Circle.
This unique and detailed structure is meant for, but not
restricted only to, you Furries.

This is a Gathering Circle which has 4 functional chairs
with different poses you can choose from.

Many parts of this structure are removable and it is built
up out of segments which together have a land impact of 249 prims.

The item does come as [BOXED]
It comes with a [T2R] RezBox inside which needs to be
placed on the land and touched to follow the menu and rez it.
This is a Touch and Rez system. The RezBoz weighs 1 prim
and can be deleted through the menu when it is positioned correctly.

The Furry Village Gathering Circle is a wonderful place to rez
on your own land or just in any sandbox for you and your friends.

It has a tropical and positive look to it and is decorated with
a true furry styled look. What more would you ask for ?!

It is very low lag since it has a limited amount of scripts which
in themselfs are also of low impact on its environment.

- 4 Chairs around the table with sit poses
- Cocktail drink dispencer on the Table (touch >recieve content >wear and animate)
- Raspberry Scone dispencer on the Table (touch >recieve content >wear and animate)


We are sure you will like this item and wish you a lot of fun with it.

This item is delivered as: BOXED and needs to be unpacked


> Gaagii[T2R] Furry Gathering Circle (Furry Village) V4
> It also contains a Notecard with basic information.


[T2R] Touch 2 Rez
After unpacking you will have a green RezBox !
Do not extract the contents from this on, but place the box on the ground
and touch to get the menu. With the menu you can rez / finish / delete
the item inside. Make a copy of the box before you rez it and you will
be set for life with a great new addition to your Furry experience.



  • Gaagii [T2R] Furry Gathering Circle (Furry Village) V4
  • It also contains a Notecard with basic information.

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Gaagii 3D ™
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Vendido por: guardianx
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