Glider KSW20 v20 (Rez type)

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* Rare sailing-plane which use ascending air stream

* There are two gliding mode selectable
1) Slope-soaring mode
Use ascending air stream which is observed along the slope faceing the wind.
Wind direction can be selectable.

2) Thermal-soaring mode
Use ascending air stream which is observed above the land surrounded by sea.

* You can take-off by the Towing-plane or Retreabable engine
The towing-plane(attachment) is also included.

* There are three difficulty-steps
You can feel the stall-down when you miss to head-up.
Acrobat-mode is also included.

* You can descend useing the spoiler without increasing the plane speed safely :)

* If you use "mouse-look", it seems more real because Avatar-animations of controling
-stick are included.

* Gear-up/down, Driving-camera are also available by the chat-command.

* You can hear the windo-sounds from canopy, gear, spoiler.

* Meter-HUD ( height, speed, up/down-rate ) is also included.

You can see and check it.

For any information, please send a Note-Card in world to Kimiko Dover
(I am not good at Chat in English)

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Postado(s) 15/01/2021 por XianaMeg 5 estrelas

I have a suggestion. I would like you to make the same glider but at scale and radio controlled (RC).

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Amazing sailplane

Postado(s) 26/05/2020 por Zenovka Pinion 5 estrelas

Great sailplane, as real as it gets. It handles very well in both thermal and soaring modes, and allows an exceptional mouselook flight from takeoff to landing. If I could ask the builder for something else, I would say a more elaborate roll characteristic would be much appreciate.

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