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NEW to the grid – Inspired by some of the world's most radical eyeware – Custom Sunglasses are the ultimate in sculpted design, baked textures and interactive scripting.

Compulsive™ – exquisitely crafted and finished to the most exacting standards. These glasses are simply beyond comparison. Designed for the high class fashionista who'll place only the very best against their brow.

Comes complete with an amazingly interactive glasses case and a custom pose stool for that perfect fit...

Scripted Functions:
Up - Moves your glasses to the stored "Up" position .. on your head.
Down - Moves your glasses to the stored "Down" position .. on your nose.
Opacity – Changes the transparency of the lenses.
Extras - Toggle Fullbright on/off and adjust Glow.
Texture - Choose different Lens, Bridge, Logo and Frame texture combinations.
Size - Resize your glasses with just a touch.
Positions - Allows you to store new positions for your glasses.
Help - Gives you the manual.

Add new colours and texture styles with Gos' patented RESPRAY technology!

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  • Ultra-realistic 3D texturing with colour update Respray System
  • Resize your glasses with just a touch
  • Up/Down - head/nose position
  • Opacity Control - Change the transparency of the lenses.
  • On/Off brightness & glow

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Good for what it is!

Postado(s) 09/12/2019 por Meg Muni 3 estrelas

Since this item is like 10 years old I didn't have much hope for it!
It's a bit over priced (imo) and could do with an update!
I read everything carefully and I got what I was expecting.
Yet I still feel it could be better!
I'd prefer if it was modify to tint the lenses and frame. Mostly because the colors that come with the glasses are frankly lacking. The black color is the only well done of the few in the selection. The others are very plastic looking and I'm not not feeling it.
As they don't mention the lens options I'll do it for you...black - less black - grey - kind of chrome-ish but mostly clear glass. Very simple color differences. I'd like to have seen more variety in colors in general because it's hard to really see much of a difference in the glass colors. They're all in the same color category.
Seeing as this was the closest pair of sunglasses as I could find to what I was looking for, I'm happy. I just wish there were more variety to go with more outfits. For 600L I don't think that's asking too much!

Over all I will use these and they have a great menu. It works as intended.
Just needs a bit of a face lift!
If you're fine with the limited color choices and have the extra L I would give them a shot!

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Postado(s) 25/04/2013 por Anna Darkheart 5 estrelas

Great sunglasses, perfect in details, highest quality, really must have item. Thank you GOS!!!

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