OnP Swimwear HUD for Maitreya Lara Usage

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HUD for Maitrey and Belleza Venus Mesh Body Usage

OnP HUD for adding Clothing layers to a mesh body (sold separately)


No this is not mesh. It is layers of clothing that can be worn by mesh bodies however. In this case, layers of clothing fit very tightly, and may even be more alluring - in the right application of course.

We believe that Jean Shorts can be among the most alluring things a female body avatar can wear. And so, we give two slight different sizes here in this HUD - Jeans Shorts - and a style even shorter. For each of those, we give four variations of selection, mostly coloring. And those variations include normal dark blue jeans, lighter (lighter blue), pinkish, and then a frayed version with light fraying at the bottom of the jeans shorts.

We also wished to include layered shorts complete with tops where the shorts are a bit longer for those days perhaps, that you just wish to "look nice" and not quite as sexy. We did that not knowing how the shorts here would look, but we ourselves love them as well. The shorts with tops come in four colors - white, green, cyan (a green blue combination similar to turquoise), and pink of course. We admit that some of the color choices we made were to best show off some of the detail of the shorts.

So what does this Hud do?

It can add clothing layers beneath or in place of mesh clothing. And we try to keep this hud at a reasonable price. Just click the HUD in your inventory, ensure your Second life browser is adjusted to full screen (HUDs depend on placement on a full screen - and will be a bit off or far off with a partial screen). Then just click the color and or choice that you wish. The Mesh software will then ask what layer you wish to put the item with? Tattoo layer? (bottom layer), underwear layer (middle layer) or clothing (top layer).

Is this an odd thing to do? Most users of mesh seem to already combine their nice mesh outer clothes with clothing layers like these made by HUDs already. We just decided to try and offer some alternatives, at what we consider a reasonable price.

Information on usage of course is supplied with the products

Hope you enjoy!

Suzie Larsen and Hunter Bronet
for OnP Owl and Pussycat
in SL Tissela and on SL Marketplace



  • Two different cuts of jeans shorts
  • Four variations of each cut, mostly coloring choices
  • Longer shorts and tops included

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