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Have you been looking for a high quality hunt system? One with the option to give items each time an avatar finds an item, or maybe you want to wait and give them one grand prize when they find everything. Maybe you want to ability to do one or the other, or both!! Well, the Hunt Systems from Lastat Productions allow you to do all of those things and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

Our high quality hunt systems allow you to host a hunt that seems REAL! Every time an avatar finds an item, it turns from nearly invisible, to completely visible, giving them the feeling that they actually acquired the item making the hunt that much more realistic and enjoyable. You can use these systems all in one sim OR grid-wide!!

Using the Lastat Production Hunt Systems make set up a breeze. All you need to do is place the HUD Dispenser at your landing area or other high traffic area of the sim and set it to pay or free mode. Then start hiding the items. When your hiding the items, you may choose to add things to each one if you wish, or just wait until you've hid them all. When you've hid them all you may choose to rez the Grand Prize Server if you want to give out a grand prize for finding everything. Thats it!! Now your hunt is ready to begin!!


===== FEATURES =====

*Santa Lights up as You Find Him
*Ability to Add Multiple Items of any Type to Every Piece of Santa to Give Out to Hunters
*Comes With "Grand Prize" Server Prim if You Choose to Use it
*Customizable Folder Names for Giving Inventory Into
*Comes With HUD Dispenser
*Choose Pay OR Free Modes for HUD Dispenser
*ONE Efficient Script per part and in the HUD = NO LAG

==>To View Detailed Information, Please Visit:

**If you have purchased this product, PLEASE review it!! Lastat Productions creates AND updates products with YOU in mind!! Thank You!!**



  • Santa Lights up as You Find Him
  • Ability to Add Multiple Items of any Type to Every Piece to Give Out to Hunters
  • Comes With "Grand Prize" Server Prim if You Choose to Use it
  • Comes With HUD Dispenser WIth Optional Pay OR Free Modes
  • ONE Efficient Script per Peice and in the HUD = NO LAG

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