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If you have any questions, please contact us in-world by IMing JianSL Resident or Kalia Firelyte.

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  • 7 Static Posed Mesh Raccoons
  • Wandering Animated Raccoon
  • Worn Companion Raccoon

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Furrrociously Fantastic! >*.*<

Postado(s) 05/12/2017 por Rynokat75 5 estrelas

I must say these are fantastically made! Looks absolutely realio the dealio and I couldn't be more pleased, well. I would if you had a LynX collection but I digress. None the less the raccoon companion is just purrrrfect for my bi-pedaled Lynx avatar. Ya see he is a defender of the forests, or what's left of them anyways and my new Raccoon friend is a Grrrrrrrreat addition to the cause. Makes me reminiscent of the Ranger Rick caricature from the magazines I was given subscriptions to in the 1970s though he was cartoony. These Raccoons are scripted so well to look like they are active, also the feet move in pace whether I run or walk! Thanks to the creator =^.'<


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Vendido por: JianSL
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