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*This item has been updated so that it works with the LSL changes affecting HTTP requests.

If you are a DJ on the go, this is the product for you! Not all clubs or parties have a DJ board to display information on, and what can you do to avoid the nagging questions from your audience? Show them what's playing and let them know what's up right away!

Rez one in-world or attach it to your avatar and put it out there for your audience to see without having to ask you! The song title and artist information updates automatically so you don't have to do a thing! Customize your text and title messages. Send a quick-message that you can post contest results, dedications or anything you want to!

Please note that this product only works with ShoutCast audio streams. Other types of audio streams may not work properly to provide the correct data to update the song and artist information.

I hope you enjoy the ~JJ~ ShoutCast Assistant as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Jeanette Doobie

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  • Works (only) with ShoutCast audio streams.
  • Automatically displays artist and title of current track!
  • Set your own title and "Now Playing" messages!
  • Plenty of menu options to customize your text!
  • Quick-message for dedications, contests, etc.

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Excellent DJ Status No DJ Board Required !

Postado(s) 21/08/2014 por mmorpgfan 5 estrelas

I bought this again because I accidentally got rid of the very helpful notecard. I tried using it last time I had purchased it but I had to configure it but now I have it up and running. This is great because not all lands will let you have a dj board because then you would have to deed the board and give someone else complete control over your dj board ! Well not so with this shoutcast assistant. So say goodbye to those annoying DJ boards when you DJ like me you dont need to mess with them every time. Plus its only 10 lindens can you afford not to buy this? It is alot better than wasting money on a dj board sometimes bought on the marketplace then you find out it doesnt work. Buy this instead if you DJ the headache of setting up DJ boards will go away. Thanks alot for this !

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Postado(s) 10/06/2013 por nyanyanman 5 estrelas

The assistant is easy to use, easy to deal with, works great and is incredibly useful for those places without a DJ board. Honestly, if you are a DJ or even aspire to be one, it's L$10 at the time of writing. You can find the change for it under your car seat. There is no excuse for anyone interested in DJing or who is a DJ not to get this, the first time you are somewhere without a board up, be it because there isn't one or because the board isn't working, this will more than pay for itself.

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