KDC/Ai Basic leather ankle cuffs

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Lightweight locking leather cuffs with colorable accents, these cuffs are 100% mesh with detailed textures, material settings and efficient models.

They come with a coloring HUD to select the color of the cuff, strap and trims independently.

The touchbound system allows simple and intuitive interactions that closely mimic real life restraints, simply click two points and they are chained, click a padlock and an object and the system automatically understands that you wish to padlock the object shut.

Touchbound products allow for easy use of restraint animations, leashing, unleashing, tethering and even attaching subs to one another. All this without fiddling with annoying menus or having to remember pesky commands.

This object comes with an RLV Activator which allows you to silently enable and disable RLV capabilities in all your TouchBound items from a single object. Also, all TouchBound products are LockMeister compatible.

They also come with a fingerprint enabled padlock that allows you to quickly and easily lock and unlock your touchbound objects without the risk of losing the key.

What more? This item is automatically updated, you will receive the updated versions as soon as they are released.

We highly suggest that you check out the related products as the TouchBound items are essentially designed to work with each others.

Full documentation is available at the following url: http://kdc.ethernia.net/docs/doku.php?id=touchbound_system:start

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  • Restrained Love Viewer compatible
  • TouchBound system
  • Realistic mesh and material enabled
  • Automatic updates
  • LockMeister compatible

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Good looking, but not worth it

Postado(s) 21/05/2019 por PonyplayEs 3 estrelas

I bought both wrist and ankle cuffs. They look good, but they don't really adjust that well, and there is no demo available, so you have to buy them without seeing how they fit. They are not LockGuard compatible (only LockMeister), so they won't work with half the furniture. For less $ there are packs with both cuffs and compatible with both systems. Not worth it.

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Love them

Postado(s) 27/09/2016 por Rain Torvalar 4 estrelas

I bought these for myself to put a costume together so I will comment on that part of it and since I don't really plan to use the actual RLV aspect of it, take this review as it is.

The biggest factor for me was COPY/MOD, which is what I think everything in SL should be. The only reason for the 4 star review is I had to have a little chat with the creator (Kyrah; who was very nice to talk to) about the specifics of the "customization hud". It isn't clear but there are 4 parts that can be changed through the hud with 12 colors selected from a blue menu (the outer and inner strap faces and the edge trim on both (the red edges in the pic)), BUT if you are savvy with SL editing, simply change it all to white and tint everything to your hearts desire. For example I was able to change the buckles to gold even though it's not part of the hud.

I purchased wrist, thigh and ankle cuffs and found that using just one of the huds changed colors of all of them at the same time, which was a neat touch

That being said, these are 100% mesh and look fantastic. Within an hour of purchase I was wearing them out shopping and got IM'd about them asking where I got them which was nice.

Since I bought 3 sets I'll be copying this review to the other 2 so they have reviews too, but essentially they are the same except for proper fit for each piece. Enjoy! I will.

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