Knotwork Mask (Blue & Silver)

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Upper face mask with knotted trim on suede.

This box contains a one piece mesh mask. This mask will look equally good as a part of your next costume, or as a wall decoration. The mask itself uses no transparency so it should layer nicely with anything you choose. (The back is painted a solid colour.)

The mask is modifiable so that it can be resized to more closely fit your features, and tinted as needed. The masks come in the colours you see on the packaging, so tinting will allow you to make only slight colour changes (unless the mask is light coloured).

In order to use your new mask you will need to right click on the piece you would like to wear (in your inventory) and select "wear" to use them. You may have to make slight positioning/size adjustments to get the mask just right. (To take it off again, right click on the item and click detach.)

For more masks and costumes, drop by Chimeric Fashions! We carry masks for Venetian Carnival, Halloween, Mardi Gras, Masquerade Balls, and Costumed Fantasy Events.

-Punkerella Summers
~Chimeric Fashions~

*This mask is currently only on the marketplace ;)

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  • Mesh with had made LODs
  • Uses no transparency (will layer well with bangs, etc...)
  • Unisex & Modifiable to fit unusual faces.
  • Hand Painted Texture.

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