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The classic connect four in a row game that you know and love with Let's Get Four!

Fully scripted game and works with one player or two and only five land impact... and ends on an Explosive empty on cleanup just like the real game! (Kinda =p)

Now even detects when the player has won!

Rules are simple each player picks there own color (red or yellow) and each turn they try to get four of there own chips in a row but at the same time blocking the other player from getting four of there own in a row, first one to get there color with four vertically, horizontally, or diagonally wins!


This game is no mod and the size is about 2 meters width at 2 meters height (6.5 feet x 6.5 feet) but its best to view at my store to see for self as there is no size adjust!

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  • 100% Own mesh
  • Only 5 Land Impact
  • Fully scripterd and working
  • 1 or 2 Players
  • Explosive empty on cleanup!

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A bargain

Postado(s) 11/03/2021 por Vicks Wildcat 5 estrelas

The classic game 4 in a row has almost everyone played, it is easily scripted with many good menus.

We did not have time to write the game ourselves but instead chose to buy it for our customers who play it on partner4you.

It is very popular at P4Y ! And low prim too :)

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Postado(s) 04/05/2020 por SantaIsabel 5 estrelas

Funciona perfectamente y cumple con los prims y la jugabilidad

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