tele-dasher particle/poofer/sound effects

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Xah tele-dasher lets you dash instantly up to 64 meters forward, backward, left, and right. No need to turn and face direction first. You can also dash in any direction in mouse view.

Useful for passing thru walls, dodge bullets, impress friends. With Xah tele-dasher, getting around is faster than flying.

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• Dash in 4 directions by key press: forward, backward, left, right.
• Dash by keys in mouse view too.
• Particle effect.
• Sound effect.
• Particle effect and sound can be each individually turned off.
• Particle color can be changed to 10 preset colors.
• Dash distance adjustable, up to lsl limit of 64 meters.
• Automatic version update.
• High quality scripting. Mono compiled.

A demo version available at: Xah tele-dasher demo.

(the demo version chats the xstreet buy location when you dash.)


• Wear the tele-dasher.
• Hold PageDown key and press any arrow key to dash in that direction.
• Or, hold down C, then press any of W, A, S, D keys.
• Upon wearing, help message is displayed in your chat, for changing dash distance, particle color, or turn particle/sound on/off.
• Type “/8 help” to see the help anytime.

Commission Program

If you are a store owner, place a vendor at your store. You get 20% commission for each sale. Get the vendor free at: Xah tele-dasher vendor

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Its not great but okay enough

Postado(s) 06/09/2018 por BunnehLiebe 2 estrelas

Fun to use but a bit wonky that you have to do crouch to dash.
Would heve been just fine to let it react to double tap.

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Postado(s) 13/05/2012 por Zagaan 4 estrelas

Great little dasher! Fun to mess with people and works great when fighting!! Thanks!

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