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➤ This cuddle basket is NO COPY. If you purchased this no copy basket and want to upgrade to the copy version (2,800L), buy it on the marketplace at your convenience, message us afterwards, and we will refund you the 800L you paid for the no copy version:

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ NEW! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂

You can remove the rose petals and rear draped blanket through the menu and select form over 100 exquisite textures.

Sofa: 400 Animations (with ::R:a:W:A:g:e:: & Warm Animations!)
Slow Dance
Singles Sits
& Much More!

Sofa sits 2 avatars

100+ textures

Shadow is part of the prim

Set access (public, group, owner) for both the texture changer or the animations or both.

Free and instant texture updates through our mysql/php server

400+ ANIMATIONS ($3,000,000L)

No Poseballs!

****Over 3,000,000L Value In Animations****
(none of those dated freebie animations)

Couples Affectionate Animations
Unisex Sits ++++
Couples Slow Dance
Goofy Sofa Sits


Not one freebie animation--we have invested over 3,000,000L accumulating furniture animations from the finest animators in second life. No filler animations either; most of my animations are 60 second looped, fluid from beginning to end, & fit our furniture perfectly.

ABOUT PrimPossible™!

Our #1 purpose is to bring the highest quality content to SL. We stand by our products. We're not gonna make something just because it will impress people--by being 1 prim--at the expense of quality.

***********PLEASE READ************

This sofa is 1 prim only. When you use the sofa, it rezzes a shell which you sit on. The shell is 2 prims but deletes itself when you are not sitting or press the STOP button. This is absolutely necessary because most of SL requires .5-1 prim per seated avatar. (this is caused because most creators are unaware that their objects are causing this bug, which is preventable. We personally developed phPose to overcome this bug and still keep our furniture 1 prim!)

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  • 400 +Animations-Couples Cuddles/Feminine Masculine/Massage/Couch/Slow Dance
  • Over 100 Textures In Menu
  • Sofa sits 2 avatars
  • Set access for animation menu - (Living room textures)
  • Set Access For Texture Changer Menu: Group, Public, or Owner

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Postado(s) 28/12/2019 por Sofia Ferengeto 5 estrelas

This is one of my absolut favorites, thanks for it =)

best ever!

Postado(s) 19/08/2019 por AmberLeigh Adored 5 estrelas

i love this cuddle has gret textures and greawt animations. Ample (the creator and owner) is great with helping u solve problems and is very quick to answer any quetions u have.


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  • 4.88 estrelas Resenhas (25)

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